CURRENT Affairs for upcoming Exams (Compiled up to June 2022)

1.RBI Governor - Shaktikant Das  2. Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) - Girish Chandra Murmu  3. Attorney General - KK Venugopal  4. UPSC chairman - Manoj Soni  5. Chief Election Commissioner - Rajiv Kumar 6. Chief Justice of Supreme Court - NV Ramana 7. NITI AYOG Deputy Chairman - Suman Bery 8. Finance Commission, Chairman - NK Singh 9. World Bank, president - David Malpass 10. IMF, Managing Director - Kristalina Georgieva 11. WTO,Chief - Ngozi Okonjo Iweala 12. Secretary General of UNO - Antonio Guterres Country- Capital -Currency - Real Head  1. USA - Washington DC -Dollar - Joe Biden 2. China -Beijing -Yuan- Xi Jinping 3. Russia -Moscow -Rouble -Bladimer Putin 4.India-New Delhi -Rupee -Narendra Modi 5.Japan - Tokyo - Yen -Fumio Kishida 6. Germany -Berlin -Euro -Olaf Scholz 7.Great Britain - London -Pound -Boris Johnson 8. France-Paris -Euro -Emmanuel Macron 9.Canada-Ottawa-CanadianDollar-Justin Trudeau 10. Australia -Canberra -Austalian Dollar -Alexander Vander Bell

What career options available after 12th ? Which Entrance Exams I should prepare for after 12th ?

Image बारहवीं के बाद आप किन exams की तैयारी कर सकते हैं ? What career options are available after 12th ? For which competitive Exams I can prepare for after 12th ? बारहवीं के बाद आगे क्या पढूं और अच्छे रोजगार कौन से कोर्स करने से मिलेंगे ? ऐसे अनगिनत सवाल 12th के बोर्ड एग्जाम देनेवाले बच्चों और उनके अभिभावकों  के मन में घूमते रहते हैं। Millions of students preparing for 12th Board Exams and their guardians remain worried about what career options should be chosen after 12th ? Few years back Engineering, Medical, CA were most popular among students and their guardians . But nowadays bright students are going for other professional courses in huge numbers . You can opt out of following : 1. LAW Entrance Exams -  The whole country has queries about various law entrance examinations particularly top Law entrance exams like CLAT, AILET, LSAT , SET, JMI LAW ,CHRIST UNIVERSITY LET, BHU U E T ,IPU CET LAW, BUP CET LAW &am

important questions for upcoming CTET, UPTET and all other States Tet exams Child development & pedagogy

Q.1.  What's the most appropriate way to tackle a disable child when he or she first comes to school A. to seclude  from other students B. to refer the child to a special school according to the disability  C. to conduct a special admission test D. to arrange a special  parents teachers meet. Q. 2. Which is the most effective factor of personality ? A. heredity B . environment C. upbringing and education D. heredity and environment Q.3. According to Kohlberg, how can a teacher instill moral values in children  A. By teaching how to behave ? B. By discussing on moral values C. By laying clear rules of behaviour D. By giving importance to religious teachings Q 4. Which of the following is the most important quality of a teacher ? A. Eagerness to teach B. Competence to teach in highly standardised language C. Patience and perseverance D. Understanding of the child Q.5. How will  the creativity among  learners be fostered ? A.             Answer 1.A 2. D. 3. C 4. D

Current Affairs 2021 Part 2 for upcoming Competitive Exams (By NM Mishra@Brilliant Academy of Learning - Contact No. 9891726652)

1. Monetary Policy is formulated by RBI where as Fiscal policy is formulated by Finance Ministry of Government of India. 2. Fiscal Policy is use of Taxation and Government Spending to promote growth in the Economy. It is used to increase the rate of capital formation both in the public and private sector. Through Taxation ,Government mobilizes financial resources for financing it's various projects.It provides stimulus to increase the saving rate . It provides adequate incentives to the private sector to expand its activities. Fiscal Policy is used to reduce the imbalance of income and wealth.  3. Monetary Policy which is formulated by RBI involves measures taken to control inflation, regulate the supply of money and cost of credit in the Economy.The various instruments of Monetary Policy include variation in Bank rates , other interest rates ,supply of currency etc. in addition to that the current repo rate, reverse repo rate,marginal standing facility rate and the bank rate. 4. M

Current Affairs 2021 for upcoming Competitive Exams Part 1(NM Mishra@Brilliant Academy of Learning.Call 9891726652for coaching details)

1. Current President of World Bank is David Malpass ,an American Economist . Headquarter of World Bank is in Washington DC (USA). 2. Managing Director of IMF(International Monetary Fund) is Kristalina Georgieva, a Bulgarian Economist. Headquarter of IMF is in Washington DC (USA). 3. Gita Gopinath of Indian origin is IMF ,Chief Economist. 4.UNO(United Nations Organization) was established on 24th October 1945 is headquartered in New York,USA . Currently it has 193 members .The present Secretary General of UNO is Antonio Guterres who is from Portugal. 5.WTO(World Trade Organization) was established on First January 1995 and is headquartered at Geneva, Switzerland and has currently 164 members. The first Director General of WTO was Peter Sutherland and present Director General is Ngozi Okonjo Iweala who is first woman and first African to reach this coveted Post. 6.The present Governor of RBI is Shaktikant Das (25th). 7.NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India) was formed t

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            English  practice set 7 Directions : In each of the following questions find out which part of the sentence has an error. If the sentence is correct the answer is 'no error'. Q.1. There is buzz a/ around reopening schools b/ for secondary students c/ no error. Q. 2. The report comes in a a/ time when the centre has b/ rolled out a scheme for subsidised loans c/ no error. Q. 3 . Teachers ,staff and parents a/ found to spit b/ can be fined Rs 200 c/ no error d/. Q.4. To observe that disruption a/ of physical school activities is likely to impair b/ the cognitive capabilities of students c/ no error d/. Q.5. I am aware of the problems a/ faced by people b/ in my home district c/ no error d/. Q.6. There are constant  a/ foot andar motorcycle patrolling b/ being done by senior officers c/ no error d/. Q.7. Unless people don't acquire a/ the knowledge of the infinite entity b/ attain the infinite entity, they will never be able to attain permanent happiness c/ no erro

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        English Practice Set 6 Directions : Each of the following questions has a blank space and four words given after the sentence. Select whichever word you consider most appropriate for the blank space and indicate your response in the Answer sheet accordingly. Q.1. Mrs Mishra reveals that it was the lockdown that ................ her to get out of her comfort zone and take the risk of a trying a new medium. A. nudged B. pull  C. repress D. discourage Q.2. I realised that being safe is nice during Covid 19 pandemic but getting .................and trying something new is exciting  and the right thing to do. A. strong B. guarded C.vulnerable D. secure Q.3. This lockdown made me realise that life needs more ............... and vulnerability. A. security B. endanger C. unsafe Q.4. I believe that change is always good , and hope that there will be a day when I overcome this ................ and fear. A. hesit

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Directions: In each of the following questions, find out which part of the sentence has an error. If the sentence is correct, the answer is 'no error'. Q.1. India is the largest connected nation in the world a/ and under Prime Minister Narendra Modi b/ has made huge strides on digital India c/ no error d/. Q. 2. In West Bengal, Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee declared a/ she was born in Hindu family b/ recited from Hindu scriptures and warned the BJP not to play  the ' Hindu Card' with her c/ no error d/. Q.3. These new rules are a/ the right way forward b/ and continue to evolve c/ no error d/. Q.4. When Maotse - tung established a/ the people's Republic of China in 1949 b/ he issued directives to harness and view Tibet as a water - tower c/ no error d/.  Q.5. Pursuing a more meaningful water dialogue on   a/ hydrological data sharing is essential  b/ but India  require b/ building a lo

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          English practice set 4. Direction : Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words/ phrases in the passage are marked with numbers to help you to locate them while answering some of the questions.                   Vedic Yog is different from modern yog mainly deals with asans and pranayam, focussing more on health. In the present day world , people have become more conscious of their health due to the emergence of chronic diseases. They have turned to yog, which has been amended 1 to suit their body and context. But this yog is a mixture of martial arts and other forms of physical exercise. The number of asans performed by practitioners are unrelated to the actual yog that had existed in the Vedic times. These are unknown even to several Hatha Yog texts, namely ' Hatha Yog Pradipika'. ' Shiva Sanhita' , and ' Gheran

How Brilliant Academy of Learning is better than KD Campus , Paramount , Mahindra, Career Power & other Coaching Institutes for preparation of Competitive Exams like SSC, Bank & Railways ?

Hi Students ! Very interesting question. I am glad to answer this question as this question haunts millions of students who are interested in preparation of Competitive Exams like SSC, Bank & Railways. Probably my answer might help them in choosing the right coaching Institute as per their requirements. There are many coaching Institutes for General Competitions in India particularly in Delhi and some of them are really good. The most important thing is to choose the right Institute which is as per your requirement where you can study properly. Teachers are most important thing in judging a good Institute. Try to investigate about faculties . Faculties must be experienced , qualified and cooperative. Distance from your residence should also be considered. If you waste lot of time in traveling then that is going to waste your time. Past results of the Institute should also be checked. Also try to find about the quality of study materials and are they updated as per changing requirem