Do You Know India ?

India Our Motherland
1. Eastern most point - Kibithu ,Anjaw district,Walong,(Arunachal Pradesh)
2. Western most point -Guhar Moti (Gujarat) Some regard Sir Creek (Gujarat)
3.Northern most point -Indira col (Jammu & Kashmir), Karakoram Range ,Trijunction of India , Pakistan and China.
4. Southernmost Point - Indira Point , Great Nicobar (Andaman and Nicobar islands)
5. Southern most point of Mainland India -
  Kanyakumari or Capecomorin (Tamil nadu)
6.Area of India - 32 lakhs 87 thousand 263 sq. km.(Seventh largest country in the world, 2.4 % of the area of the world.)
7.North to South Distance - 3214 km.
8. East to West distance - 2933 km.
9. Land Frontier - 15200 km.
10. Sea coast line - 7516 km.
11.Population - 1.21 billion (2011 census), second rank in the world in population.Nearly 17 % of the population of the World.Every 6th person of the world is an Indian.Every year we add population equivalent to Australia.
12. Location between 8 degree 4 minutes N to 37 degree 6 minutes N Latitude & from 68 degree 7 minutes E to 97 degree 25 minutes E Longitude.The Tropic of Cancer ( 23 and half N latitude) almost divides the country in two equal parts . Udaipur city of Tripura is closest to Tropic of Cancer.
13. Tropic of Cancer crosses through 8 Indian States namely Gujarat , Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand,West Bengal, Tripura & Mizoram.
14. Indian Standard Time is measured through 82 and half longitude .It passes through middle of India. It crosses through 5 Indian States namely Uttar Pradesh,Madhya pradesh, Chattisgarh, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.This line crosses from Allahabad, Mirzapur,Naini (Uttar Pradesh). Indian Standard Time is 5 and half hours ahead of International Standard Time (0 degree longitude, Greenwich Mean Time, London, United Kingdom).
15. India is surrounded by Pakistan , Afghanistan, Arabian sea in the West; Bangladesh, Myanmar,Bay of Bengal in the East;The Himalayan range,Tibet (China),Nepal and Bhutan in the North; Sri Lanka and Indian Ocean in the South.
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