# What feeling an outsider has when he reaches Patna (Bihar ) #

What are the things an outsider feels Special or unusual when he reaches Patna (Bihar) ?
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 First thing which attracts - Language which is mixture of Regional languages of Bihar - a Bihari style of Hindi (Mixture of Bhojpuri,Maghi, Maithili & Khari Boli Hindi )

Second thing which attracts - Crowd & Congestion on Roads . Encroachment of Footpath by Street Hawkers ,Patriwalas , Rickshaw pullers , Auto Drivers , Taxis ,Bikes ,Scooters ,Cycles etc. Traffic Jams every where in the city particularly during rallies , Festivals , Marriage Seasons etc.

Third thing beautiful Patna station . Coming out from the station famous Mahavir (Hanuman) Temple. Next to it a Mosque . Telling the story of Hindu- Muslim unity to the world.

Fourth thing - Rapid construction of Roads , Flyovers, Metro going all over Patna . Beautification drive of Patna going on . City is getting Facelift due to many Infrastructure projects in last decade.

Fifth - Bihari food is very tasty. Litti Chokha , Dahi Choora ,Khaja ,Balushahi ,Chandrakala , Pirukiya ,Thekua, Bhoosva ,Bagiya , Tarua ( Pakore of various types) , Bari , Bhat ( cooked rice ), Dal ( cooked pulse), hundreds type of vegetable items , Rasgolla , and many more. You can also enjoy Gupchup ( Golguppe) , Chat . Fish , Mutton, Chicken etc. in various cooked forms are also available. Egg rolls and omllettes are also very popular among Patnaites. Ice creams ,Lassi , Fruit Juice , soft drinks are commonly available. Sorry to say wine is restricted in Bihar. So if you can survive without it then only you are welcome in Bihar. Although available in Black Market but then always a chance to be arrested by police. The most famous Beverage of Patna (Bihar) is Sattu mixed with water ,lemon ,salt ,onion and Green chilly. Pan of Mithila (Hara Patta and Mitha patta) and Maghi pan is very famous in Patna. Makhana of Mithila region is well known. Many Biharis chew Tobacco. Litchi of Muzaffarpur, Bananas of Hazipur ,Mangoes particularly Maldah of Mithila region , Potato of Biharsharif , Spices and Tobacco of Samastipur is also very famous. Chewing Tobacco and Pan (Betal Leaves ) and spiting where they get a chance is typical characteristic of Bihari Guy which is often disliked by outsiders.

Sixth - Mostly elderly women prefer Saree . Jeans are becoming more popular among young boys and girls. Although Dhoti ,Pyjamas , Full pents ,Full shirts etc are also common dress among Biharis. You can also find many girls in Salwar kameez.

Seventh - Bhojpuri songs , Maithili songs and songs of Bollywood ,all are popular among Biharis.

Eighth - Biharis have a great fascination towards Government jobs. IAS is the dream job for most of them. They try to crack SSC ,Bank , Railways and fill forms for every job for which they are eligible. You can find Bihari student appearing in exams in any part of the country. Here parents can finance you any amount for your education even can sell their property but they will not spend even small amount if you want to do business. Now a days due to lack of Government Jobs thought of Parents are changing. Now many students are opting for Engineering, Medical, Management,CA and other professional fields. Business is even today last option for Biharis .

Ninth - Biharis respect their guests very much. They are sweet in nature. They are hard working. Their language and pronunciation seems funny to outsiders. Biharis are very helpful in nature. They are not as selfish as the most of the world is in these days.

Tenth - Biharis know how to struggle and become successful. You will hardly come across a Bihari doing suicide. Even in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput it seems a case of murder. BIharis are considered intelligent particularly in Maths and GK. Outsiders believe that either Biharis are IAS or Rickshaw pullers. They believe that in Bihar either there is upper class or lower class , no middle class. Gradually perception towards Biharis is becoming positive . Biharis had to struggle a lot in metropolitan cities in 80s and 90s. But now they are well known in the whole world due to their Chatt pooja . Now outsiders are realising the assertiveness of Biharis in field of politics , business , education and other fields too which is clearly visible in Delhi. So when any outsider comes to Patna he has certain presumption and he looks things around him with the same prism.

Eleventh - Biharis are proud of their rich Past history and culture. Patna , the capital of Bihar was the centre of power in Ancient India . Mauryan Dynasty (Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusar , Ashok, Dashrath ,Kunal ) became the greatest dynasty in Indian History. Emergence of Magadha Empire from 6th century BC is glorious chapter of Indian History. Haryanka Dynasty (Bimbisar, Ajatshatru,Udayin ),Sishunag Dynasty (Sishunag and Kalashok ),Nand Dynasty (Mahapadma Nand ,Ghananand ), Mauryan Dynasty ,Gupta dynasty ( Shri Gupta , Chandragupta 1 , Samudra Gupta , Chandragupta 2 ,Kumargupta ,Skanda Gupta ) are the golden moments of residents of Patna. Biharis are proud of Chanakya (Greatest Diplomat ), Aryabhatta (a great Mathematician), Vidyapati ( a great scholar of Maithili,Hindi & Bengali ), Mandan Mishra and his wife Bharti Devi ( She defeated Adi Shankaracharya in Debate) . Bihar is karmabhoomi of Lord Buddha (Got Enlightenment in Bodh Gaya). Bihar is Janmabhoomi of most of Jaina Tirthankars . Lord Mahavira was born in kundagram of Vaishali district. Tenth Guru of Sikhs Guru Gobind Singh Ji was born in patnasahib (Patna). Mithila Region of Bihar is associated with Maa Sita . In Medieval period who can forget Shershah Suri . He built Grand Trunk Road . His administration is widely appreciated. Biharis are proud that their state produces maximum number of Bureaucrats , most of Engineers, Doctors, CA and Government Employees . Bihari Babu (Shatrudhan Sinha), Prakash Jha ,Manoj Bajpae , Sonakshi Sinha and Late Sushant Singh Rajput etc. are few big names in Bollywood recognized by Outsiders . Rajendra Prasad, first president of India , Jay prakash Narayan (For Sampoorna Kranti and opposition of Emergency), Laloo Yadava (For his rustic politics and comic style) and Sushasan Babu (Nitish kumar ) are topic of discussion for outsiders. Mithila Paintings & Bhagalpuri Silk saree has earned its name and fame through out India and Mithila paintings has now Global recognition. Bikhari Thakur is very popular Bhojpuri writer.

12 th. — Tourist Attractions of Patna are many but to name few 1. Golghar (British Time Granery ) 2. Rajendra Ghat ( Rajendra Prasad was cremated ) 3. Gandhi Sangrahalaya 4. Sri Krishna Memorial Centre 5. Historical Gandhi Maidan 6. Kargil Chowk 7. Patna University campus, 8. Kali Ghat 9. Patna Museum 10. Bihar Museum 11. Bari patan Devi 12. Choti patan Devi 13. Harmandir sahib (Patna Sahib )14. Mahatma Gandhi Setu 15. Khuda Baksha Library 16. Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park 17. Buddha Smriti Park 18. Funtasia Water park 19. Patna High court 20. Women 's college Patna 21. Sri Krishna science centre 22. Dr SC Jha chest clinic 23. Eco park 24. Mahavir Mandir 25. Patna Jalan Museum 26. Padri ki Haveli 27. ISCKON Temple 28. Digha Sonepur Rail Road Bridge 29. Shershah Suri Masjid 30. Shaheed Smarak Patna 31. Patna sachivalaya 32. Patna vidhan sabha 33 Governer House 34. Boring Road ,Bailey Road , Exhibition Road , Ashok Rajpath 35. Kumhrar (Remains of palace of Chandragupta Maurya)36. Agam Kuwan ( Related to Ashok . )37. Beautiful Ganga river , Ghats , Ganga Highway 38 . Patna IIT and Patna AIIMS 39. Patna Metro under construction . Patna has many other Tourist Attractions but I have named few of them.

13th - In the era of Liberalisation, Privatization and Globalisation , Bihar and Psyche of Biharis is also changing. Now - a - days Biharis have also started to choose diverse fields of occupation. Now Biharis are coming in Sports , Music,Dance ,Films , Business and other fields too. Urbanization , Maul and Multiplex culture, Super Markets , High Rise Apartments , 5 Star Hotels, Parks ,Clubs , Entertainment Venues etc are spreading their network in Patna too just like any 2nd Tier city of India. AIIMS Patna ,IIT Patna and few more Technical and Professional Institutions have come up in last few years. Patna lacks in Industrialization.

14th - Present patna is just like any 2nd Tier city of India with the same dreams , aspirations and Expectations. Bihar has it's own flavour just like any other city. Overall Bihar is Mini India with it's own strengths and weaknesses. Drainage system , Parking facilities , Public Conveniences , Traffic Jams etc. needs attention but then again most of the cities in India have same set of Problems. Patna is a growing city . But it has the potential of becoming a great city if State Government in coordination with the central government acts properly, executes the plans systematically and scientifically.

15th - Last but not the least power situation in the city is very good with exceptional power cuts .Law and Order is better than most of the cities of India. Women are now comparatively safe. Syndicates of Kidnappers as highlighted by Prakash Jha in his movies is non-existent now a days. Corruption is still an issue and requires special emphasis of the Govt. Unemployment, Poverty , Population Explosion, Illiteracy, Flood , Drought etc needs proper implementation of Poverty Alleviation programs , Literacy Programs , Flood Management schemes and other rural - urban development Programs. Finally Bihar should develop then only India can is common observation of Outsiders.

Lastly Thanks to all for reading this and expect your comments.
Written by NM Mishra ( Call 7678518506)


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