English vocabulary made easy.
Word.            Meaning
1. Apathy.              1.lack of interest, lack of feeling
2 . Aphorism.          2. a brief, often Witty saying,a proverb
3. Apotheosis.        3. elevation to divine status, the perfect example of something
4. Apprehensive.      4. worried, anxious
5. Approbation.          5.approval, praise
6. Appropriate.            6. to take without permission ,to set aside for a particular upuse.
7. Aptitude.                    7. capacity for learning, natural ability.
8. Arbitrary.                     8.random ,capricious
9. Arcane.                         9.mysterious, known only to a select  few.
10. Ardent.                        10.passionate
11. Arduous.                       11.hard , difficult
12. Aristocratic.                   12.of noble birth, snobbish
13. Artful.                                 13. crafty,wily,sly
14. Ascendency.                       14. supremacy, domination
15.Ascetic.                                   15.hermitlike,
16. Assiduous.                              16. hardworking,busy, quite diligent
17. Assimilate.                                17.  to take in, to absorb,to learn thoroughly
18. Assuage.                                   18. to sooth,to pacify ,to relieve
19. Attrition.                                       19. wearing away, weakening,a natural or expected decrease in numbers or size.
20.Austere.    - Severe or Strict in manner and Attitude             


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