How to save Life of oneself and others from Covid 19 in India 2021 ?

How to save life ? What to do in time of Covid ? 
Prevention is better than Cure .
1.Wear Double Mask
 2. Sanitize your hands time to time 
3. Maintain Social Distancing 
4. Drink 10 to 12 glasses of Warm water daily and press few drops of lemon into it.
 5. Take vapours 2 to 3 times daily .
 6. Take multi vitamins capsule 
7. Regular excercise
 8. Take Nutrious Food . Consume fresh fruits and leafy vegetables.
9. Stay Indoors and consult Doctor even if you feel mild symptoms like coughing, sneezing, lossing sense of taste and smell.
10. Try to quarantine yourself in home under supervision of your family doctor.
11. Go to Hospital only in case of Emergency. If you can arrange ventilation Facilities in your home under the supervision of your family Doctor, then avoid hospitals.
12.Currently it is difficult to get beds , oxygen, medicine and even doctors in Hospitals.
13.Boost your immunity by taking Giloy,Awla, Ashwagandha.
14. Take a glass of milk mixed with Haldi  and Tulsi leaves daily before going to bed. 
15.Get vaccinated for long term immunity.
16. Help the needy with cash or kind . Together only we can fight and win against this pandemic.
17. Lastly be safe and keep others safe.
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