Vocabulary enrichment 1 English Word Power for Bank Po Clerk IBPS PO Clerk SBI PO Clerk

Vocabulary enrichment  English Word Power for IBPS PO, SBI PO,IBPS CLERK, SBI Clerk 
1.Alight प्रदीप्त करना, जलाना 
on fire, lit up
get down or off, come to earth, settle
उतरना,नीचे आना
2.allmentary पोषण, पौष्टिक, भोजन और पाचन से संबंधित
concerning nutrition, nourishing
3. Amorphous बेढब आकारहीन
no definite shape,vague,non crystalline,anihistic
4. Analgesia पीड़ा शून्यता
absence or relief of pain
5. Ancillary अधीनस्थ, सहायक
subsidiary, auxiliary ( especially of health workers)
6. Annihilate संहार करना, मिटा देना 
destroy utterly
7. Apathy उदासीनता
lack of interest, feeling, emotion
8. Aphasia बोलना बंद हो जाना
loss of verbal understanding or expression
9. Arbitrary मनमाना
random, capricious, despotic 
10. Arduous कठिन
hard to accomplish, strenuous,uphill, rigorous.
11 Assiduous परिश्रमी,अध्यवसायी
hard working, persevering
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