English practice paper 8

English practice set 8

Directions: Given below are some idioms/ phrases followed by four alternative meanings for each. Choose the most appropriate answer from among the options (a), (b),(c) and (d)
1. A pearl of wisdom
a. An important thing in one's life
b. An important piece of advice 
c. An important person of wisdom
d. An important event in one's life
2. To give up the ghost
a. To become rational
b. To suffer
c. To die 
d. To fight evil forces
3. To talk through one's hat
a. To talk nonsense
b. To talk wisdom
c. To talk fluently
d. To talk hurriedly 
4. A pipe dream 
a. A foolish idea
b. A bad dream
c. An unpleasant dream
d. An impracticable plan
5. To save one's face
a. To cover one'sface
b. To hide oneself
c. To say plainly
d. To evade disgrace 
6. Once in a blue moon
a. Every now and then
b. Once in a year
c. Bi - fortnightly 
d. On rare occasions
7. To show one's teeth
a. To be polite
b. To face ode situation
c. To adopt a threatening atitude
d. To make fun
8. A man of weight

1. B 2. C 3.A 4.D 5. D 6. D 7. C


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