#What are the Qualities SSB is looking for ?#

Question:N.M. MISHRA SIR, Feeling hopeless!! what are the qualities that ssb is looking for? even when we write positive stories in ppt..still they reject us...what they want out of us...i cant figure it out...
Answer: DEAR STUDENT, I can feel the frustration and a very justified anger in the tone and tenor of your comment.
Well, contrary to the common belief, Screening Test is much more than just about story writing and group discussion. It is all about your ability to present an impressive persona before the assessors during those ten minutes of time that you get during the PPDT narration and discussion.
In order to impress the assessors, you have to be charismatic (includes, social graces, dressing up, soldierly bearing and pleasant demeanour), a humble, down to earth person with no ‘airs & attitudes’, have the ability to project a magnetic charm that enamours everyone around and most importantly, represents a person, who respects the opinion of others, is flexible, friendly and at the same time is “firm”.
Adding further, I would like to say that, if you are able to strike an interesting conservation as a routine, on topics of common interest and are able to discuss relevant issues rather than merely discussing people, you will be a sought after person. Remember: “Ordinary minds discuss people, higher order minds discuss events, above average minds discuss ideas and ultimate minds act in silence”.
Therefore, be interesting, witty, fun loving with tremendous zeal for life and maintain a good sense of humour. People do not like to hear sob stories, nor do they like to interact with zombies.
Now, to acquire these qualities, it must be your ongoing endeavour to continuously work towards improving your knowledge base, public speaking skills, social graces and being conscious about understanding the feelings of others.
In this regard, you will find these blogs interesting and useful:

Lastly, I havehttp://www.brilliantacademyoflearning.com/institueforndanavyairforceinlaxminagar.html written a blog especially for candidates who find Screening test a challenge, please go through it; you will find it useful for your next attempt: 

Do not lose hope; your failures should only strengthen your resolve for achieving your goal:
“Kutch Har Kar “Bikhar” Gaye........Kutch Har Se Seekh Kar “Nikhar” Gaye”
God bless you and better luck next time!
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