#Teaching Aptitude ,Child Psychology (BEd, CTET, UPTET, SuperTet, DSSSB,KVS ) - Practice paper 3 #

Q 1. Who can best manage the psychological aspects of the classroom?
A. The school management
B. The Principal
C. The class teacher
D. The students
Q 2. What is the quality of a best teacher?
A. Understanding of the child
B. Command of the subject
C. Balanced personality
D. All of the above
Q 3. What is the criteria of effective teaching?
A. Using Teaching aids
B. Managing the class
C. Knowledge of the subject
D. Feedback of the students
Q 4. What is your opinion about the people who want to become a teacher ?
A. Should be very strict
B. Should have command of all subjects
C. Should have interest and faith in teaching
D. None of the above
Q 5. Which of the following doesn't fulfill equalit of educational opportunity?
A. Navoday vidyalay
B. Government aided school
C. Public school
D. None of the above
Q 6. What is the natural order of 'Language Learning'?
2 speaking
3. reading
B. 3,2,1,4
C.4,2 ,3,1
D. 1,2,3,4
Q 7. What is the purpose of school programmes?
A. To assimilate all cultures
B. To promote only one culture
C. To ignore all cultures
D. To make the students cultured
Q 8. What is the main aim of class room teaching?
A. To make the students do classwot
B. To prepare the students for next class
C. To prepare them to do some vocational courses
D. To develop self confidence among learners.
Q 9. What is true regarding corporal punishment and mental harassment?
A. Totally banned
B. Allowed sometimes
C. Both A & B not true
D. All of the above
Q 10. Corporal punishment is banned according to which RTE ACT
B.2009 ACT
C. 2018 ACT
D. 2020 ACT
Q 11.How can an Authoritative rule of school affect adversely school environment ?
A. Corporal punishment is given frequently
B. For every purpose there is a PTA
C. Students are not let loose to do any mischief
D.All of the above.
Q 12. Why game is necessary in school education?
A. It energizes the students
B. It is necessary for psycho motor development
C. To fullfil aim of education
D. It is good for moral development
Q 13. What does the class room discipline mean?
A. Authoritative approach of the teachers
B. Students busy with their self Study
C. Pin drop silence in the class
D. Students remain active in learning activities
Q 14. What do you mean by effective Learning?
A. Learners relate new experiences to existing meaning and may accommodate and assimilate new ideas
B. Teachers encourage students to do classwork homewt properly
C . Only A
D. Both A & B
Q 15. A teacher would be called effective
A. When students' score is very high
B. When teachers use instructional and proper teaching method
C. When the teachers help students to achieve mastery in Learning
D. None of these
Q 16. What should be the best way to improve a wrong response of a student?
A. To make him/ her understand the subject matter again
B. To tell the students that your answer is wrong
C. To pass the question to another student
D. To help him in answering the question
Q 17. Which form of the following class test is Objective type?
A. Multiple choice
B. True /  False
C. Reason based question
D. Fill in the blanks
Q.18.Tone of speech in the class of a teacher should be
A. High volume
B. Low volume
C. Moderate volume
D. Intonated
Q 19. Scientific attitude anong learners can be best accomplished by
A. Do.exam,and verify
B. Follow what others say
C. Teaching of Science
D. None of the above
20. Class room Teaching fullfills which of the following sequence correctly?
4.knowing the target
5. Delivering
C. 2,1,5,3,4
D. 1,5,2,3,4
Q 21. What measure should be taken to avoid unnecessary psychological problems arising out of annual examination system?
A. Class test only
B. Test conducted by teachers of other schools
C. Periodical tests with corrective measures
D. No tests at all
Q 22. What should not be given except while putting a question to the students to solve?
A. Question with one correct answer
B. Providing no material to refer to
C. Clear intent
D.None of these
Q.23. How can a mentally challenged child ne tackled?
A. Can't be taught
B.Can learn but more time should be given
C. Can be taught like others
D. Can be taught with alternetive and suitable method and environment
Q 24. Aptitude means what in terms of education?
A . Achievement
B. Proficiency
C. Potentiality
D. Professional quality
25. What is true regarding effective communication?
A. Listeners are willing to listen
B. The teacher should speak slowly but systematically
C. The teacher should speak in terms of the students
D. If it is done in the congenial environment
1 . C
2. D
3. D
4. C
6. D
19. A
22. C
23. D
24. C



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