#Teaching Aptitude ,Child Psychology ( BEd, CTET, UPTET, SuperTet, DSSSB, KVS ) - Practice Paper 4 #

Q 1. What are the three angles of education?
A. School, Principal, students
B. teacher, student, social environment
C. learning , student, teacher
D. school, student, teacher
Q 2. Who plays an important role in the development of a student?
B.school management
Q3. What kind of teacher is most popular?
A.very experienced
B. help the students in solving the problem
C. much more knowledgeable
D. None of the above
Q.4 Good Teaching is judged by
A.students' interaction with the teachi
B.presence of students
C.pass percentage of students
D. None of the above
Q 5.Who first started kindergarten system?
A. Frobel
B. Franklin
C. Herbert
D. James
Q 6. What is the criteria of inductive methoo in teaching?
A.move from general to particular
B.It' s not psychological
C.It 's applicable for special children
D.none of the above
Q 7. Audio,video aid is more helpful in
A. the the primary level
B. the middle level
C. the higher level
D.the nursery level
Q 8. The father of educational psychology is
A. John Dewey
B. Pestalogy
C. Spencer
D. Herbert
 Q 9. If half of the students of your class fail in the test, what would be your react ?
A. You would send the marks to each parents of fail students.
B. You would tell the students to learn the lesson again
 C. You would take all the fail students to the Principal
D. You would take another test of the students after making them understand the lesson once again.
Q 10. If students in your class don't show positive reactions while you are teaching in the class what would you do ?
A.change the topic
B.change the method
C.punish the children
D.try to draw the attention
Q 11.What is the proper method to involve a shy child in the class discussion?
A.provide him a chance to show and tell programme
B.make him sit with intelligent student in the class
C. tell  him to speak in the class
D.involve in a group task
Q 12. What among given options is not related to Learning?
Q 13. Who is the first psychologist who studied behaviour systematically?
A . Pavlov
B. Skinner
Q 14. What can be the probable reason of weakness of some students in the class?
A.they are mentally weak
B. they lack interest towards studies
C.they are shy
D.none of the above
Q 15. What is the criteria of an intelligent student ?
A. neutral to the environment
B. moulds the environment according to him
C moulds himself to the environment
D.none of these
Q 16. How can a destructive and naughty child be corrected?
A. He should be made to stand outside the class
B.He should be made to go to the Principal
C. He should be involved in the worthy activities of his choice.
D. He should be insulted in the presenct of all the students of the class
Q 17 How can the habit of stealing in small children ne corrected?
A.lovingly and by paying attention
B.by punishing
C.by not paying any attention
D.none of the above
Q 18. If young students don't obey orders the reason for this can be
A.they belog to illiterate family
B.they are idiots
C.they are in adolescence
D.none of the above
Q 19. Bad habits of students can be corrected by
A. the support of their friends
B.the co- operation of parents is needed
C. the co-operation of the Principal is needed
D.none of the above
Q20. How can emotional unity ne developed?
A.The students should be taught emotional unity in the class
B. By presenting such activities and characters
C.By telling them the importance of emotion
D. None of these

Q 21. What is the probable reason of academically bright students become mischievous ?
A.whatever is taught they know well
B. They feel themselves ignored in the class
C. They have feeling of boredom
D. All of the above
Q 22.How can a third grader students'reading skill ne improved by their parents ?
A.by reducing hours of playing.  games
B.by reading to the child
C.by taking the children to the trips
D.by giving books to the children
Q 23. If the children on certain day are not in a mood to Study ,then  
 A they should be freed
B they should be ordered to be sit silently
C.they should be told to conduct interesting activities
D.the teacher should sit along with them
Q 24. How can variety and interest be increased during the course of classroom Teaching?
A.by Teaching aid
B.by maintaining pin drop silece in the class
C. by the co-operation of students
D .by the knowledge of the teacher
Q25. Telling stories to the little children sitting together can enhance
A.their curiosity
B.good thought in their minds
C.their memory
D.spirit of working together
2. A
3. B
4. A
5. A
6. A
9. D
11. A
12. B
13. C
14. B
15. D
17. A
18. C
19. C
21. D
22. D
23. C
24. A


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