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1. Revelry.
Lively and noisy festivities , especially when there involve drinking a large amount of alcohol.
मद्यपान का उत्सव, आमोद, प्रमोद, ऐश, आनन्द। 
Synonyms - celebration, partying, merrymaking, carousal,spree, sensuality, wantonness, intemperance, gluttony, intoxication.
Antonyms - abstemiousness, abstinence, continence, fasting, frugality, moderation,self control,self denial, sobriety, temperance.
2. Rivalry.
Competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field.
प्रतिद्वंदिता, प्रतिस्पर्धा, मुकाबला।
Synonyms - Competitiveness, Competition, contention, vying, opposition.
Antonyms - cooperation, indifference, satisfaction, concord, peace, agreement,accord, harmony.
3. Frigid.
Very cold in temperature, lacking warmth, or arder, indifferent , lacking imaginative qualities, bumper, bitter.
उदासीन, ठंढा, भावनाशून्य 
Antonyms - heady, hot, tropical, passionate
4. Ravaged.
Severely damaged, devastated, sack pillage, despoil , desolate, scourge, violent often cumulative depredation and destruction,ruin.
Antonyms - sparing, conserving, preserving.
5. Massive
Large and heavy , huge, extensive,bulky,elephantive , behemoth, immense and tremendous, massy.
Antonyms - tiny, airy, fluffy, flimsy, slight, weightless.
6. Dismay.
Concern and distress caused by something unexpected.
Cause someone to feel concern and distress.
बेचैनी, घबड़ाहट, संत्रास
Synonyms - discomfort, restlessness, uneasiness , malaise ,dither ,panic, intimidation,terror , flurry ,fash , bewilderment, palpitation.
Antonyms - pleasure , relief, encourage, please.
7. Gearing up.
To get ready.
कमर कसना।
Synonyms - excited, pumped, equi hi Jop , prepare,brace ,provide.
Antonyms - relaxed , unagitated , easy , uncertain ,relax.
8. Vials.
A vial is a small glass or plastic vessel or bottle often used to store medication as liquid, powder, capsules. It is used to store perfume or chemical.
शीशी, बोतल।
Synonyms - phial, flacon, jar, ampul ,test tube.
9. Vile.
Extremely unpleasant.
नीचे, घिनौना, नीचतापूर्ण,अधम,कल।
Synonyms - nasty , foul , unpleasant,horrid, horrible.
Antonyms - noble , pleasant , righteous, virtuous,decent , sublime, ethical.
10. Rationed.
An artificial control on the distribution of scarce , resources, food , industrial products etc.
राशन देना।
Synonyms - consummate , control, apportion, divvy, deal ,conserve ,allot.
Antonyms - hold, collect, keep , gather let go.
11. Intimidate.
To frighten or threaten somebody , often in order to make him / her do something.
किसी को डराना , धमकाना ,( कोई काम करवाने के लिए), अभित्रस्त करना, भयभीत करना।
Synonyms - threaten, browbeat, appall, ,bluster, startle, horrify , throttle, trammel,encumber, cumber ,abash , dishearten.
Antonyms - encourage, inspirit,vanimate, reassure.
12. Synchronous .
Existing or occuring at the same time, having the same period or phase.
Astronomy - an orbit around the earth.
समकालिक, एक साथ घटित होना।
Synonyms - isochronous, isochronal, issochonic, contemporaneous.
Antonyms - asynchronous, oblique, perpendicular.
13. Turbulent.
In which there is a lot of change, disorder and disagreement, and sometimes violent.
Used about water or air , moving in a violent way.
अशांत, उपद्रवी, हुड़दंगी।
Synonyms - unquiet , ashant ,dizzy ,easeless , outrageous, factious, unruly,bumpy, choppy , fierce.
Antonyms - peaceful , quiet, patient, moral, scarce.
14. Apocalyptic.
Showing or describing the total destruction  and end of the world or extremely bad.
विनाशकारी, सर्वनाशक।
Synonyms - annihilation, devastation, holocaust , catastrophe, decimation, armageddou.
Antonyms - good fortune, miracle, happiness, wonder.
15. Augur.
Pretend a good or bad outcome.
A religious official who observed natural signs, especially the behaviour of birds interpreting these as an indication of divine approval or disapproval of a proposed action. 
शकुन बताना।
Synonyms - seer ,omen,auspicate ,forecast, soothsayer ,bode ,portend, herald.
Antonyms - assure , demonstrate, insure, settle, prove , make sure.
16. Gloats.
To observe or think about something with triumphant and often malicious satisfaction, gratification or delight.
Synonyms - crow, exult, rejoice, relish, celebrate, glory , triumph, whoop,stare,gaze, ogle.
Antonyms - avoid, shun , loathe, abominate, be sad, commiserate sympathize.
17. Impunity.
Exemption or freedom from punishment,harm .
दण्ड मुक्ति, माफी।
Synonyms- absolution, exoneration,carte blanche , disci, reprieve, dispensation, exception, let off.
Antonyms - liability, responsibility, prohibition, imprisonment, susceptibility, denial,veto, vulnerability, exposure.
18. Reckoning.
The act of calculating something, especially in a way that is not very exact.
A time when somebody's actions will be judged to be right or wrong and then may be punishment.
गिनती, गणना, मोटा हिसाब , अनुमान ।
शुभ या अशुभ कर्मों के अनुसार दंडित होने का समय , कयामत का दिन।
Synonyms - calculation, estimation, computation, retribution,, fate, doom, nemesis, judgement, punishment.
Antonyms - doubting, rejecting, repudiating, extrinsic, fractional, disagree.
19. Rollout
It is an informal business term for the introduction and integration of a new product or service to the market.
Roll out, flatten out, roll down.
बेलना, बाजार में उतारना।
Synonyms - productise, produce, bring out, issue, churn out, grind out ,turn out, manufacture , implement,unfurl, deployment
Antonyms - recant, repudiate, rescind, backtrack, pull, retract ,abnegate, retire.
20. Spike.
An abrupt increase or rise in the stock market, electrical current, a rectangular or nail like metal.
कील, नोक, अनाज की बाल 
Synonyms - prong,barb,point, stake, projection, tine.
Verb - impale , pierce,perforate,stab, adulterate ,contaminate, drug,lace,dope., enkindle,excite , ferment

Antonyms - loosen, detach, release, unfasten.

21. Peer.
Noun -A person who is of the same age or position in society as you.
समाज में समान स्थान पर या आयु का समकक्ष व्यक्ति।
Verb - to look closely or carefully at something/ somebody, because you can not see very well.
किसी व्यक्ति या वस्तु को जो स्पष्ट नहीं दिखाई देता उसे समीप से और ध्यान पूर्वक देखना।
Synonyms - chum , companion, comrade, confidant, crony , co - mate , colleague ,consort . C scrutinize, gaze, , open mouthed, ogle.
Antonyms - antagonist, enemy ,for , opponent, opposer , rival , stranger.
22. Blitzed.
Noun - intoxicated by drink or drugs.
नशे में धुत्त।
Verb - bomb .
बम फेंकना, बम बरसाना।
Synonyms - bombard, attack , pound ,blast , shell ,strafe.
addicted , , hooked
Antonyms - sober , straight , teetotal, temperate , abstemious ,steady.
23. Rattling.
To make a noise like hard things hitting each - other or to shake something so that  it makes sound.
Stunning, glorious, lustrous.
तेजस्वी, शोभायमान।
To make somebody suddenly become worried.
किसी को अचानक चिंतित कर देना।
Synonyms - jolt ,knock ,vibrate, bounce.
Antonyms - lethargic , ordinary, unenergetic , alert ,snappy ,zippy , spanking.
24. Trip.
To catch your foot on something when you are walking and fall or nearly fall.
चलते हुए किसी से ठोकर खा कर गिर जाना या गिरने लगना।
2. To catch somebody 's foot and make him / her fall or nearly fall.
किसी को ठोकर मारकर पूरा या लगभग गिरा देना
3.Make a mistake ,blunder
गलती करना।
यात्रा पर जाना।
Synonyms - falling , tumbling ,, staggering, faltering , tottering, foundering, lurching, topple.
Antonyms - trudge ,got up , rose ,rose up, stood up.
25. Slacken.
1.To become or make something less tight.
ढीला हो जाना, कर देना।
2. To become or make something  slower or less active.
धीमा हो जाना या कर देना। शिथिल करना,कम करना,मंद करना
Synonyms - reduce, detract, lower, alleviate,remit ,foil .
Antonyms - tighten ,speed up ,quicken.
26. Aerosols.
 An aerosol is a collection of solid particles or liquid droplets dispersed in air.
हवा में तैरता हुआ ठोस या द्रव्य का कण।
smoke, fog, pollution particles etc.
A container in which a liquid substance is kept under pressure. When you press a button the liquid comes out in a fine spray.
द्रव्य पदार्थों को दाब पर रख कर और बारीक धार  का फब्बार के रूप में छिड़कने के लिए प्रयोग किया जाने वाला पात्र।ंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंंं
A cloud of solid or liquid particles.
Synonyms - atomizer, drizzle, droplets, fog, froth ,mist ,haze.
Antonyms - brighten , reality,clear up, in Hale, abstain, absorb, substantiality.
27. Propensity.
A habit of behaving in a particular way. ( प्रायः अनुचित )
झुकाव, प्रवृत्ति, सहज प्रवृत्ति।
Synonyms - trend, tendency, movement, aptitude, craving, inclination,lust ,zest, passion.
Antonyms - antipathy, aversion, detestation,disgust, hatred, indifference,repugnance.
28. Ancillary.
Of lower or secondary class or rank, subordinate, subsidiary.
2. Providing additional help or support, auxiliary,supplementary, aider, germane.
अधीनस्थ, अनुषंगी।
Synonyms - additional,, concomitant, collateral, attendant, accessory.
Antonyms - essential, imperative,indespensible, required, requisite, basic, main.
29. Scathing.
Expressing a very strong negative opinion about somebody/ something very critical.
तीखा, दुष्ट,खराब।
किसी के विषय में अत्यंत निषेधात्मक विचार वाला, अत्यंत कठोर।
Synonyms - devastating, withering, blistering, searing, bitter,harsh ,
Antonyms- mild, gentle, complimentary.
30. Gutted.
To make or try to make someone feel guilty.
2. To cause someone to do something by arousing feelings of guilt..
निराश, दोषारोपण।
Synonyms - culpability, delinquency, inquiry, wickedness, shame, regret.
Antonyms - honour,pride,self respect.
31. Engulfed.
1.To cover or surround something / somebody completely.
किसी व्यक्ति या वस्तु को पूरा घेर या ढक देना।
2. To strongly affect somebody/ something.
किसी व्यक्ति या वस्तु को बहुत प्रभावित करना।
परिग्रहण , घिरा हुआ,निगल जाना।
Synonyms - envelope , inundate, overwhelmed, plunge,submerge, swamp,.
Antonyms - uncover, dry , neglect, underwhelm.
32. Repudiated.
V.To say that you refuse to accept or believe something.
To repudiate suggestion / an accumulation.
खंडन करना। किसी बात को स्वीकार करने या मानने से इनकार करना।
synonyms - reject, renounce,abandon, forswear,give up.
Antonyms - embrace , confirm , acknowledge.
33. Wobbly.
V. To move or proceed with an irregular rocking or staggering motion or unsteadly and clumsily from side to side. tremble ,quaver,waver, vacillate.
Synonyms - unsteadly, unstable,shaky, rocky, rickety, flimsy,frail.
Antonyms - remain, be still, stabilize, stay , steady,budge.
N. 1. A hard hit , usually with the hand.
जोरदार प्रहार, सामान्यतः हाथों द्वारा।
2. Influence and power.
प्रभाव और शक्ति, ताकत ,धज्जी ,चिथड़ा।
Synonyms - influence, power, pull, leverage , domination, advantage , authority,stature, rank.
Antonyms - helplessness, weakness, powerlessness ,impotancy, lose.
35. Hoarse.
Used about a person or his / her voice sounding tough and quiet especially because of sore throat.
कर्कश, रुक्ष, बेसुरा।
Synonyms - husky ,surly ,gruffy, dissonant,grating ,scabrous ,morose, dissonant, inharmonious ,
Antonyms - mellow ,soft , sweet , melodies.
Showing characteristics of age , especially having grey or white hair. उम्र के साथ हुआ सफेद बाल।
37. Intrusive.
Involve something being where it doesn't belong.
अनधिकार प्रवेश से संबंधित।
Synonyms - invasive, nosy , forward , interfering , meddling, presumptuous , prying.
Antonyms - indifferent , subdued ,hands off,quiet ,headless, apathetic ,restrained, reticent.
38. Meddling.
To take much interest in somebody's private affairs to touch something that doesn't belong to you.
दूसरों के निजी मामलों में जरुरत से ज्यादा रुचि लेना या पराई चीज से छेड़छाड़ करना , हस्तक्षेप करना।
Synonyms - interfere , butt in,intrude,, intervene, interlope.
Antonyms - avoiding , eschewing, shunning, disregarding, ignoring , overlooking.
39. Pathogenicity.
The property of causing disease .
Synonyms - contagious, infectious, infective , pestilent, pestilential.
Antonyms - nontoxic, nonpoisonous, beneficial, salubrious, ,non fatal,, non-lethal, harmless, innocence.
40. Abjudicate.
The  action of adjucating, judgement.
निर्णय देना, फैसला सुनाना।
Synonyms - arbitrate ,adjudge ,mediate, umpire , settle.
Antonyms - hesitate, ignore,defer , dodge, not judge.
41. Stalemate.

1.A situation in an argument in which neither side can win or make any progress
2. In chess a position in which a game ends without a winner because neither side can move.
हार - जीत का फैसला न होने की स्थिति में मोहरों का चलना असंभव।
Synonyms - impasse, deadlock, standstill,check ,tie, stand off, pause.
Antonyms - advance, progress , headway.
To reach a final point.
अंतिम परिणाम पर पहुँचना।, चरम सीमा तक पहुँचना।
Synonyms - come to head ,peak , climax,build up to, finish with, close with, wind up, round off.
Antonyms -start , begin, commence,open ,create.
43. Breakthrough.
An important discovery or development.
कोई महत्वपूर्ण खोज या विकास।
Synonyms - advance, development, step forward , innovation , discovery.
Antonyms - setback, decline, decrease ,step back loss.
44. Emulate.
अनुकरण करना , अनुसरण करना, प्रतियोगिता करना।
Synonyms - simulate ,ape , copy,mime,hold on, search after prosecute , give chase ,vie ,match.
Antonyms - neglect, carelessness, disdain, inadvertence.

45. Surreal.
Unbelievable, fantastic.
Synonyms - unreal, bizarre , weird , strange, freakish, unearthly, melodramatic , captivating

Antonyms - uneventful, dull , monotonous, popular, common , usual.

 46. Flunked.
To fail especially in an examination or course.
To give a failing grade to 
To get a failing grade or result in.
असफल होना, असफल कर देना, झुका हुआ।
Flunked me. मुझे फँसा दिया।
Synonyms - collapse, fail, flop, fold,, flounder, crumble, implode, miscarry.
Antonyms - click , flourish, deliver, ,go , succeed , prosper, thrive, prevail, thrive, prevail, triumph, win.
47. Befuddled.
Make stupid with alcohol, utterly confused or puzzled, deeply perplexed.
मदहोश हो जाना, घबड़ा देना, चकड़ा देना।
Synonyms - addled,muddled , muzzy, woolly, befogged, bafled, mazed , confused, confounded, all at sea , stunned, vague.

Antonyms - clear,  assured, satisfied, enlightened , informed.
48. Supplant.
Exterminate , delete.
उखारना, हटाना,कपट से हराना।
Synonyms - extirpate, deplume, pull , remove, dislodge, eliminate, alienate.
Antonyms - authorize, permit,revive,, establish , hold,enact, cherish, promote, reinstate.
49. Humbug.
Deceptive or false talk or behaviour.
A boiled sweet ( British).
Bastard ( abusive)
पाखंड, छल,कपट।
Synonyms - babble, copycat, dummy, fool, hoodwink, dupe, hoax, beguile, bamboozle, gull, cheat ,con , hypocrisy.
Antonyms - truth, sense , rationality, discernment , wisdom, expert, wizard.
50. Spate.
A large number or amount of something happening at one time.
एक ही समय पर होने वाली घटनाओं की बड़ी संख्या या मात्रा। घटनाओं की बाढ।
Exp. A spate of burglaries, A spate of anger. A spate of anger,. A spate of books.
Synonyms - blow, upswing,rise , ascent.
Antonyms - fragment, suspicion,drip, shortage, insufficiency, poverty.
51. Conflate.
Two or more sets of information ,texts, ideas etc into one protest.
 Synonyms - amalgamate, consolidate, fuse, unify, blend, converge.
Antonyms - separate, sunder, disjoin, scatter,disperse , split, detach.
52. Monger.
Broker,dealer, denoting a dealer or trader in a specified commodity.
Denoting a person who promote  a specified activity , situation or feeling especially one that is undesirable.
Synonyms - trader, dealer,, merchant, shopkeeper, peddler, hawker, trafficker.
Antonyms - client, conscience , habitué ,prospect , purchaser.
53. Drift.
To be carried or moved  along by wind or water.
वायु या जल की धारा या प्रवाह से बह जाना।
To move slowly or without any particular purpose.
धीरे-धीरे या उद्देश्यविहीन भटकना,इधर  - उधर व्यर्थ घूमना।
A slow movement towards something

किसी ओर मंदगति से बढ़ना।
The general meaning of something.
Synonyms - float, Bob ,pile up, accumulate, gather, movement, shift,flow , gist, essence, meaning ,sense
Antonyms - ditch , valley, individual, whole, one.
54. Reimagining.
Reinterpret  an event, work of art  , imaginative , redefine, reexplore , redescribe
Antonyms - distorting, falsifying, perverting, twisting.
55. Jabs.
To push or hit something forcefully and quickly , often with a thin or sharp object.
Watch out
एकाएक जोरदार धक्का, किसी नुकिली वस्तु से, की ओर इशारा।
टीका लगाना, इंजेक्शन

Synonyms - poke ,prod, nudge, punch, shove.
avoid, ,duck ,slip,sidestep, circumvent, diverge , disengage.
56. Impasse.
N. A difficult situation in which no progress can be made because the people involved cannot agree what to do. Deadlock.
लोगों के सहमत न हो पाने से उत्पन्न कठिन स्थिति जिसमें बात या काम आगे न बढ़ सके, गतिरोध।
बन्द गली,
Synonyms - stalemate,stand off, stymie,sidetrack, dead end.
Antonyms - solution ,boon, agreement, breakthrough, certainty, perspicuity

57. Ignominious.
Making you feel embarrassed.
शर्मिंदा करने वाला।
Synonyms - humiliating , undignified, embarrassing, mortifying, wretched, shameful, ignoble, inglorious.
Antonyms - glorious.
58. Livid.
Very angry , furious.
बहुत गुस्साए हुए।
Of a dark bluish grey colour.
नीला - गहरा भूरा रंग।
Synonyms - infuriated, irate, fuming, wrathful, raging, seething, dark colour.
Antonyms - blushing, brilliant, cheerful, flushed, happy, raddiant, colourful.
59. Rancour.
Bitter brooding over wrong.
Bitterness, spite, hate, resentfulness.
विद्वेष, द्वेष, शत्रुता।
Synonyms - malice,ill will , malevolence,, malignancy, antipathy, hostility, acrimony, nastiness, meanness, vitriol, animosity, grudge.
Antonyms - amicability , peace, friendliness.
60. Marred.
To ruin or diminish the perfection or wholeness of.
खराब करना,क्षति पहुँचाना, विगाड़ देना।
Synonyms . injure, harm, hurt, damage, impair, wound, deface,mutilate,spoil.
Antonyms - aid, cure, assist, redeem, heal, remove, protect.
61. Cascading.
To fall or hang down , especially in large amount or in stages.
जलप्रपात की भाँति गिरना, व्यापक।
Synonyms - pour ,gush, spill, stream, flow, issue, spurt , surge , deluge.
Antonyms - dribble, drip, drop, trickle.
62. Snag.
A small difficulty or disadvantage that is often unexpected or hidden.
छोटी कठिनाई या प्रतिकूलता प्रायः अप्रत्याशित या छिपी हुई।
To catch a piece of clothing on something Sharp and tear it.
किसी तेज धार की चीज पर कपड़े का फँस जाना और फट जाना।
Synonyms - obstacle, difficulty, complication, catch,hitch , stumbling block, barrier,, setback.
Antonyms - advantage, blessing, solution ,boost , strength, encouragement

63. Ravage.
To damage something very badly ,to destroy something.
किसी चीज को बुरी तरह नुकसान पहुँचाना। किसी वस्तु को नष्ट करना।
Synonyms - devastate, waste sack, pillage, ruin, scourge.
Antonyms - spare, conserve,preserve.
64. Batter.
V. To hit somebody /something hard many times.
 बार-बार जोर से प्रहार करना, कूटना , तोड़ना।
Beat up, a series of blows that bruise deeply, deform , mutilate.
खाना बनाने के लिए घोल तैयार करना 
Synonyms - cripple, maim, mangle.
Antonyms - fall,fail, help, heal, let go,mend ,creat, restore, construct.
65. Innoculate.
Immunize, vaccinate. टीका लगाना।
Synonyms - imbue ,infuse , ingrain, leaven,suffuse ,impregnate,indoctrinate.
Antonyms - disabuse, prune, divest.
66. Flaccid.
Soft and weak.
कोमल और दुर्बल, शिथिल।
Used about part of plants not containing enough water.
पौधों के भाग जिनमें जल की मात्रा पर्याप्त नहीं है।
Lacking vigor or force.
Synonyms - flabby, limber, lax, tabid.
Antonyms- firm, muscular, braced,plump, chubby, brawny.
66. Allay.
To make something less strong.
पीड़ा , कष्ट,भय ,ताकत आदि की तीव्रता या प्रबलता कम करना
Synonyms - reduce, diminish, decrease, lessen,, assuage, alleviate, ease.
Antonyms - aggravate, agitate,, irritate, upset, worry , enlarge, provoke, stir.
68. Paedophilia.
The condition of being sexually attracted to children.
बच्चों के साथ कामुकता भाव से आकर्षित होने की स्थिति, बच्चों के साथ कामुकतापूर्ण व्यवहार।
 Synonyms - degenerate, ,pervert, deviant ,deviate.
Antonyms - sadist, masochist, better, recuperate, moral.
69. Inflexion.
Turn, twist.
मोड़, मोड़ना, प्रत्यय।
Synonyms - inflection, quirk, bend, twist, turn.
Antonyms - straightness, rectilinearity, directness.
70. Holocaust.
Cataclysm, flood,, destruction.
प्रलय, सर्वनाश, पूर्ण आहुति।
Synonyms - cataclysm, flood, deluge, universal dissolution, devastation, annihilation, decimation, extermination.
Antonyms - blessing, benefit, luck, salvation, boon, fortune, assistance.
71. Defy.
To refuse to obey something/ somebody
किसी का कहा न मानना, अवज्ञा करना।
To ask somebody to do something that you believe to be impossible.
किसी को ऐसा काम करने के लिए कहना जो असंभव हो।
Synonyms - go against, resist, spurn, thwart, violet, withstand, confront, flout, mock, slight, provoke,repulse.
Antonyms - obey, surrender, capitulate, concede, heed, listen to, comply with,confirm to, follow.
72. Remunerative.
Profitable, paying a lot of money.
Synonyms - advantageous, beneficial, gainful, lucrative, profitable, useful.
Antonyms- unpaid, nonprofessional, non-commercial, unproductive, disadvantageous.
73. Diaspora.
The movement of people away from their own country.
लोगों का अपने देश से अन्यत्र पलायन।
Synonyms - emigration, evacuation, exodus, dispersion, dissolution.
Antonyms- concentration, cluster, collection,mass.
74. Impeccable.
Without any mistakes or fault , perfect.
 निर्दोष, त्रुटिहीन, परिपूर्ण।
Synonyms- exquisite,emmaculate,precise, accurate, correct.
Antonyms- flawed, imperfect, suspicious, wrong,corrupt , blemished.
75. Clog.
जाम, अवरुद्ध करना।
Synonyms - close, jam,congest, choke, obstruct, plug.
Antonyms- unblock,clear, unimpeded
76. Grooving.
To take great pleasure or satisfaction, enjoy oneself, just sitting around.
मौज - मस्ती करना।
Grooving on the music.
The act of fabricating something in a particular shape formation.
नारी बनाना। खांचन। एक आदत बन जाना।
Synonyms - furrow, channel, trench, trough, canal, gouge, hollow ,gutter ,cut,seam, rut, routine, habit, dead end, enjoyable.
Antonyms - clashing, colliding,, conflicting, countering , offsetting.
77. Tinge.
Colour, an affective or modifying property or influence. रंगत
Taste - स्वाद, odour - बाद का मजा।
Synonyms - colouring,tint, tone, taste relish,savour fruition, odor
Antonyms - whiten,fade,blanch ,bleach, colourlessess.
78. Truncate 
 Cut short 
छोटा कर देना।
Synonyms - abridge,trim, curtail,abbreviate 
Antonyms- lengthen ,extend, prolong, portrait.
79. Spurned.
To reject with disdain or contempt.scorn.
पेश की गई वस्तु का ठुकराना, स्वीकार न करना।
Trample कुचलना।
Synonyms - refuse, decline,rebuff,scorn,turn down
Antonyms - adore,respect,revere, venerate.
80 . Endorsement.
Support. Validation
समर्थन करना, पुष्टि।
Synonyms - support, justification, countenance, adherence .
Antonyms- denial, rejection, refusal, disapproval.
81. Fomenting.
To promote the growth or development of, rouse, incite, fomenting a riot.
भड़काना, सेंकना, गरम पानी से सेंकना।
Synonyms- inflame, provoke, aggravate,, induce, instigate,stir up,, bake ,roast, parch,warm, stup.
Antonyms - conservative, moderate, orthodox, liberal, checking, inhibiting, calming,, allaying, stilling, tranquilizing.
82. Insurrection.
Violent action against the rulers of a country or the government.
देश के शासक या सरकार के विरुद्ध बगावत

Synonyms - coup, insurgency,riot, revolution, sedition, uprising, anarchy,.
Antonyms - law, peace ,order, obedience, sertitude, acquiescence, .
83. Comorbidity.
More than one illness or disease occuring in one person at the same time.
Synonyms - symptomatology, co morbidities.
84. Array.
A large collection of things , especially one that is impressive and is seen by other people..
वस्तुओं का बड़ा संग्रह , विशेषतः प्रभावशाली प्रदर्शन के लिए।
Synonyms - arrangement, assembly, formation, garb, arrange, deck, drape, apparel,.
Antonyms- disarray ,confuse , jumble,denude.
85. Crammed up.
Very or too full.
ठसाठस भरा हुआ ,भरा हुआ।
Synonyms - stuffed, filled, crowded, overfilled ,loaded, brimful, revise,swot.
Antonyms - bare,blank, empty, vacant,void,deserted, unfilled.
86. Olfactive.
Sense of smell. महक का, गंध का।
Synonyms - aromatic, balmy, fetid,foul, flagrant.
Antonyms- odourless, attractive, beautiful, delightful, sweet,tasty.
87. Staked.
Full of
जिसमें वस्तुओं का अंबार लगा हो।
Synonyms- heap,pile,mound, mass, store, stockpile.
 chimney, funnel.
V. pile up, assemble.
ढेर लगाना।
Antonyms- whole, displace, certainty, remove, plan, dissuade.
88. Gourmet.
Synonyms- gourmand, gastronomist,, gastronome, gastronomer.
Antonyms- stuffer ,guzzler, overeater ,gorger.
89. Ramped up.
To increase in volume, amount,or rate.
ऊपर फलांग लगाना।
Synonyms - boosted, elevated,, jacked up,mounted , stepped up.
Antonyms- abate, decline,, diminish,dip,dwindle, lessen.
90. Cashiered.
To dismiss from a position of command or responsibility, especially for disciplinary reason.
अनुशासन के विरुद्ध किसी को पदच्युत करना।
Synonyms - dismiss, discharge,expel,drum out, cast out.
Sent packing, showed someone the door.
Antonyms- employed, engaged,hired, retained up, took on.
91. Shoals.
A large group of fish that feed and swim together.
मछलियों का झुंड ।
A place where a sea, lake,or river is shallow.
A mound or ridge of sand just below the surface of the water.
Synonyms- bayous, gulfs, pools, sandbank,mudflat,under water knoll.
Antonyms- boundless, immeasurable, unfathomable,vast, infinite, limitless.
92. Assuage.
To make an unpleasant feeling less strong.
प्रतिकूल भावना आदि के तीक्ष्णता को कम करना।
Synonyms- allay, alleviate,lighten, mitigate, relieve.
Antonyms- aggravate, enflame, outrage,rile , exasperate.
93. Collate.
To collect information from different places in order to put it together, examine and compare it.
विभिन्न स्थानों से सूचना एकत्र करना , जाँचने, तुलना और मिलाने के लिए।
To collect pieces of paper or pages from a book and arrange them in the correct order.
अलग-अलग कागजों या पुस्तकों के पृष्ठ को एकत्र कर उन्हें सही क्रम में रखना।
Synonyms - collect, covenant, gather, accumulate, aggregate, assemble.
Antonyms- disband, disintegrate, dissolve, split up,dispel, send,dissipate,scatter,disperse.
94. Amenable.
Happy to accept something, willing  to be influenced by somebody/ something.
खुशी से स्वीकार करने वाला, स्वेच्छा से प्रभावित होने वाला।
Synonyms- compliant, acquiescent, biddable, manageable, controllable.
Antonyms- uncooperative, uncompromising, resistant.
95. Snarky.
Critical or mocking in an indirect or sarcastic way.व्यंगात्मक

Bad tempered.
Synonyms- cynical, sarcastic, scornful,testy, spiteful, irreverent,irascible.
Antonyms- gentle, loving, calm, mild, moderate, patient, nice.
96. Coercive.
Relating to or using force or threats.
बलपूर्वक, अनिवार्य।
Synonyms- compulsive, violent, perceptive, mandatory, inevitable, imperative.
Antonyms- powerless, ductile, humble,mild, docile,constitutioned.
97. Cadaver.
The body of a dead person.
 Synonyms- carcass ,corpse, defunct, carrion, stiff.
Antonyms- being, active, alive,bare, living things.
98. Bolster.
To support or encourage something / somebody to make something stronger.
किसी को प्रोत्साहित करना,बढाबा या समर्थन देना, किसी को अधिक सशक्त बनाना, शक्तिबर्धन करना।
A long pillow or cushion,pad,, support,rest.
strengthen, support, reinforce ,boost, fortify.
Antonyms- undermine,depress,dispirit, relax.
99. Heist.
An act of stealing something from a shop or bank, especially something extremely valuable.
दुकान या बैंक से बहुमूल्य वस्तु की चोरी।
To take unlawfully.
Synonyms - theft, pilferage,sting,stick up, larceny,caper, break in.
Antonyms- give, donate, relinquish, donate , proffer, contribute.
100. Indictment.
A written paper that officially accuses somebody of crime.
औपचारिक अभियोग- पत्र , अभ्यारोपण।
2. Something that shows how bad something is.
किसी की दुर्दशा- ग्रस्त था का सूचक।।
synonyms - allegation, charge, prosecution, summons, impeach, prosecute.
Antonyms- - praise, absolution, acquittal, exoneration, pardon, forgive.

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