# Vocabulary , Synonyms, Antonyms, Explained in Hindi and English, Important For General Competitions ,प्रतियोगिता परीक्षा में अंग्रेजी के शब्दों से कैसे निपटें? अंग्रेजी में समानार्थक और बिलोम शब्द को कैसे तैयार करें ?#

Vocabulary made Easy for Entrance Exams

Synonyms and Antonyms हिंदी और अंग्रेजी में                 www.brilliantacademyoflearning.com
Surprised, be shocked.
अचंभित होना, पीछे की ओर।
Synonyms  - confused,  thrown off
Antonyms   - obviously, leisurely
2. Abandon.
Leave a place or person  or a practice completey.
त्याग देना, परित्याग करना।      
Synonyms - renounce, abnegate , eschew, condone.
Antonyms - remain, persevere , stick by, keep
Behave in a very humble way.
अपमानित करना।
Synonyms - depreciate , insult, mortyfy, demean,scarify, chagrin, humiliate,stoop.
Antonyms - promote, exalt, eleviate,dignify, aggrandize.
4. Abate.
Become less severe, widespread,terminate.
न्यून होना, समाप्त करना,रद्द करना।
Synonyms - decrease, diminish, de-escalate, decline,lessen.
Antonyms - prolong, increase, aggravate,amplify.
5. Abet.
Encourage or help  someone to do wrong.
उकसाना , विशेष रुप से गलत काम करने के लिए।
Synonyms - provoke , instigate, brew,incite,ferment, foment, raise,pick ,aid, countenance, assist.
Antonyms - thwart , oppose, baffle, confound,deter,dissuade,impede, confound..
Feel strong hatred for.
सख्त घृणा करना।
Synonyms - Loathe, ,execrate ,detest , hate, despise .
Antonyms - love, cover,relish, admire, enjoy,approve.
7. Abject.
Very unpleasant and humiliating.
निकृष्ट,अधम, नितांत।
Synonyms - menial, humble, servile , scurvy, low, miserable.
Antonyms - hopeful , fortunate, domineering, estimable.
8. Ablution.
The act of washing yourself , consecration.
स्नान, अभिषेक,परिमार्जन, प्रक्षालन ( धार्मिक कार्य के लिए हाथ या पवित्र पात्र )
Synonyms - bath, cleansing, lavation, purification,abstersion, defecation.
Antonyms - soilure , defilement, contamination, taint , pollution,stain.
The abolishing of a custom or law.
उन्मूलन, समाप्ति,लोप।
Synonyms - eradication , alleviation, efface, extirpation,closure, deletion , annihilation.
Antonyms - enact , restore, continue, confirm, revive.
10. Abound.
Exist in large numbers or amounts.
प्रचुर मात्रा में होना।
Synonyms - stream, swell, teem, flourish, revel,multiply , plentiful.
Antonyms - lack, drain, die, vanish,lessen , decrease.
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Scrape or wear away.
नष्ट करना,घिसना।
Synonyms - scour ,abrade, corrade, rub down ,rub off , 
Antonyms - soften, wax,polish
12. Abreast.
Side by side and facing the same way.
बराबर में, जाना समझा हुआ।
Synonyms - beside, acquainted, accourant , informed.
Antonyms - unfamiliar, inattentive, unaware, oblivious.
13. Abridge.
Shorten a book,or film
संक्षेप करना, काट - छाँट
Synonyms - expurgation , shorten ,retrench
Curtail, retrench.
Antonyms - expand, amplify, spread out.
14. Abscond.
Leave quickly and secretly to escape from custody or avoid arrest.
फरार होना।
Synonyms - lam ,run away,flee, get out.
Antonyms - stay , remain ,come ,appear.
15. Absolve.
Formally declare that someone is free from guilt,blame or sin.
दोषमुक्त करना।
Synonyms - exonerate, acquit, discharge,exculpate ,vindicate ,let off, pardon, excuse,relieve,spare.
Antonyms -  blame , condemn, punish,charge ,convict,accuse ,obligate ,inculpate.
16. Acclaim .
Praise enthusiastically and publically.
Synonyms - accolade, ovation, applause, praise,cheer.
Antonyms - denigration ,censure , derogation, criticize, flak, panning ,jeering, slamming.
17. Accomplice.
A person who helps another commit a crime.
सह - अपराधी।
Synonyms - abetter ,Confederate,associate, accessory.
Antonyms - antagonist, rival ,for, adversary.
18. Accomplish.
Achieve or complete something successfully.
पूरा करना, संपूर्ण करना।
Synonyms - attain, achieve, fulfill, realize, consummate, effectuate , engineer,perpetrate .
Antonyms - mar , destroy ,disconcert , baffle, fail of, spoil.
19. Accoutrement .
An extra item of clothing or equipment.
साज सामान, सैनिक समान।
Synonyms - kit , stuff, paraphernalia, apparatus.
Antonyms - reduction, hatred, alienation , animosity.
20. Acredit.
Give someone the credit for something, give official authorization to.
सच मानना , अधिकृत करना।
Synonyms - ascribe , attribute,recognize, authorize , endorse , approve.

Antonyms - decline , deny , disallow,reject,turn down,veto 
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21. Accumulate
Gather together a number or quantity, increase.
संचय करना,जमा करना,ढेर लगाना।
Synonyms - amass, stockpiling, congregation, pile,heap, agglomeration,hoard 
Antonyms - decrease,loss,dispersal, reduction, lessening.
22. Accustom .
Make someone or something used to.
आदी बनाना।
Synonyms -- adapt , adjust,acclimatize, attune , habituate, accommodate  inure , reconcile.
Antonyms - dishabituate ,estrange,wean ,alienate.
23. Acerbic.
Sharp and direct
Synonyms - sarcastic , sardonic, satirical, scathing, tart,bitter, unsweetened, pungent, acidulous.
Antonyms - mild,kind, sweet.

24. Acolite.
An assistant or follower
पादरी का सहायक।
Synonyms - disciple, epigone, partisan, liegeman.
Antonyms- renegate , defector, traitor , turncoat,apostate.
25. Acquiesce.
Accept something without protest.
मौन स्वीकृति देना, चुपचाप स्वीकार कर लेना।
Synonyms - assentation, permit, allow, give in to, brook, tolerate,go along with.
Antonyms - forbid,prohibit.
26.Acrimony .
Feeling of anger and bitterness.
रुखापन, कटुता, तीक्ष्णता, तीखापन।
Synonyms -acridity , acerbity, trechancy ,finesse , astringency, mordacity, impetuousness, rancour.
Antonyms - mildness , courtesy, pleasantness , amiability, blandness.
27. Acronym
A word formed  from the first letter of other word.
परिवर्णी शब्द, संक्षिप्त रुप।
Synonyms - contraction , short form,initialism elipsis .
Antonyms-backronym ,mackronym.
28. Acumen.
The ability to make good judgement and take quick decision.
कुशाग्र बुद्धि, बुद्धि प्रखरता

Synonyms - discernment, perspicacious, sagacious, astuteness, sagacity, fantastically.
Antonyms - short shightedness , dulless , stupidity, ignorance, inability,deseness.
29. Adament .
Refusing to be persuaded or to change  mind.
 अटल, कठोर पदार्थ।
Synonyms - inflexible, unshakable ,resolved , firm, rigid , steadfast , unswerving , unrelenting, obdurate , inexorable ,indurate .
Antonyms - docile , obedient , placable, submissive ,slavish ,acquiescent, compliant, pliant, temperate.
30. Adjourn.
Break off a meeting until later , postpone a discussion.
स्थगित करना ,टालना,रोक रखना,बन्द करना।
Synonyms - postpone ,avert , avoid ,defer,fore close, cast off, retain.
Antonyms - open , reopen, convoke, remain , stay , begin,do.

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31. Adjure .
Formal urge someone to do something.
शपथ लेकर कहना। विनती करना, प्रार्थना करना।
Synonyms - beg , entreat, beseech, implore,supplecate.
Antonyms - comply with, follow, keep,observe
32. Admonish .
Firmly tell someone off.
धिक्कारना , ताड़ना देना, चेताना।
Synonyms - damn ,spurn, , reproach ,pshaw, caution, jog, joggle , reprimand,rebuke .
Antonyms - allow , compliment,flatter, laud , encourage, instigate.

33. Adulation .
Excessive admiration.
मनुहार, चापलुसी
Synonyms - pacification, appeasement,fllatery, taffy, smoothie, sycophancy.
Antonyms - criticism, ,abuse,hatred,contempt, insult, sarcasm.

34. Amenable.
Willing to be persuaded.
उत्तरदायी, जिम्मेदार।
Synonyms - responsible, amenable, responsible, sponsored by.
Antonyms - uncooperative, resistant, irresponsible,defiant , noncompliant.
35. Amenity.

Useful or desirable feature of a place.
 सुख - सुविधा।
Synonyms - facility, convenience, easement, comfort.
Antonyms - unpleasantness , moroseness,harshness, austerity, asperity, rigor.
36. Amiable.
Friendly and pleasant.
सुशील, सौम्य।
Synonyms - gentle,mild , placid, pleasing , affable ,mannerly, debonair, genial.
Antonyms - quarrelsome, ornery, hostile,aloof , inconsiderate ,testy ,nasty, gloomy, crabby ,gruff ,morose ,sullen, ill- mannered, surly.
37. Amnesty.
A pardon given to people who have committed an offence against the government.
आम माफी, सर्व क्षमा,राज क्षमा।
Synonyms- pardon, reprieve, release, discharge, clemency.
Antonyms - penality , punishment, retaliation, vengeance, retribution.
38. Amoral.
Not concerned with doing what is right.
नीतिहीन, दुराचारी।
Synonyms - unprincipled, unethical.
Antonyms - controlled, moral, innocent, chaste

39. Anarchy.
A situation in which no rules or principles are being followed and there is complete disorder.
A society with no government

अराजकता, अव्यवस्था।
Synonyms - chaos , lawlessness, clutter, disorder, disarray
Antonyms - lawfulness, system, method, harmony , peace,calm,rule.
The scientific study of the structure of the human body. शरीर रचना।
Synonyms - analysis , inspection, survey, examination , study, scrutiny, perusal.
Antonyms - synthesis, collocation, union, construction, structure.
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41. Ancillary.
Providing support. अधीनस्थ, सहायक।
Synonyms- aider,adherent, backpacker, catalyser,collateral, concomitant , auxiliary, subservient.
Antonyms - imperative, basic,main , required, requisite, vital, integral.
42. Androgynous.
Partly male and partly female.
Synonyms - hermaphroditic, epicene, monoecious.
Antonyms - hetrosexual, male, female.
43. Anguish.
Extreme mental distress, severe pain, suffering.
पीड़ा, व्यथा, वेदना।
Synonyms - soreness, distress,grief , distemper, torment, pang, agony

Antonyms - happiness, contentment, delight,joy, solace, relief, comfort

Destroy completely.
संसार करना,मिटा देना, भूनना।
Synonyms - deprive, quash,liquidate, undraw, sweep away, go into liquidation,
fry, roast, scorch,patch,broil, destruct, extirpate.
Antonyms - create, build, establish.
45. Anodyne.
Not likely to cause offence or disagreement. A painkilling drug.
Synonyms - sedative, extinguisher,mitigatory,anetic, calmant

Antonyms - adverse ,bad, baleful, baneful
46. Antagonist.
An opponent or enemy.
प्रतिपक्षी, प्रतिद्वंद्वी, प्रतिरोधी।
Synonyms - opposing, adversery, counterpart, emulator, buffer , coercive, remonstrant, estoppel.
Antonyms - ally, friend, supporter.
47. Anticipate.
Be aware of and prepared for a future event, look forward ,do something earlier than someone else.
आशा, पहले से सोचकर रखना।
Synonyms - expect,foresee, predict, forecast, prophecy, foreshadow ,precede,antedate .
Antonyms - doubt, depart,distrust, shun,forfend, resist, despair, avoid , permit.
48. Antics.
Silly, amusing behaviour.

Synonyms - capers, pranks,larks, funny.
Antonyms -( noun) inactivity, inaction,grave, serious,sober.
49. Apartheid.
The official system of social segregation formerly in force in S.A.
Synonyms - discrimination,Jimcrow, segregate, saparatism, xenophilia, 
Antonyms - charity, openness.
50. Apiary.
A place where bees are kept
मधुमक्खी का बगीचा।
Synonyms - hutch,cage , skep,swarm,,comb vivarium
Antonyms - spread , persistent.
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51. Apogee.
The highest point reached.,climax
Synonyms -apex, culmination,acme, zenith,crest peak, pinnacle , crown and height
Antonyms - perigee,nadir.
52. Appal .
Make someone feel horror and dismay.
Very bad बहुत खराब।
Synonyms - horrify ,shock , dismay , outrage.
Antonyms - abundance, alleviation, assuagement, cheer.
53. Append .
Add something to the end of a document.
संलग्न करना, जोड़ना, मिलाना।
Synonyms - add, attach, concatenate ,frit,enclose , harmonise 
Antonyms - detach , disconnect , unfastened , subtract
54. Appraise.
Assess the quality or value of something.
मूल्यांकन करना।
Synonyms -  evaluate , undervalue,assess
Antonyms - ignore, neglect.
55. Apprehend .
Arrest someone  for doing something wrong.
पकड़ना, प्रतीक्षा करना , अनुभव करना।
Synonyms - catch , hold , seize , outwait ,abide , perceive.
Antonyms - distrust , unchain ,loose ,liberate ,emancipate , spring.
56. Apprise .
Make someone aware of.
सूचना देना,बताना ।
Synonyms - inform , notice , herald , notify, apprize.
Antonyms - hoodwink , mistify , deceive , mislead.
57. Approbation.
Approval .
Synonyms - backing , sanction , acceptance ,assent , compliance , adoption.
Antonyms - criticism , disapproval, blame , repudiation.
58. Appurtenances.
The thing you need for a particular activity.
उपकरण, परिशिष्ट।
Synonyms -  accessories , trappings, additions.
Antonyms - essential , necessity , requirement , requisite.
59. Aptitude.
A natural ability.
योग्यता, कौशल, उपयुक्तता।
Synonyms - merit, ability, eligibility, talent, mastership, suitability, aptness,propriety.
Antonyms - disinterestedness, incapacity,incompetence, ignorance, detachment ,nonchalance , importance.
60. Arboreal.
Living in trees, relating to trees.
वानस्पतिक, वृक्ष संबंधी
Synonyms - arboraceous , arborary ,arborical
Antonyms - terrestrial , continental , earthborn , earthly
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61. Arbour.
Shady place in a garden or somewhere else

कुंज ,मंडप,लतागृह
Synonyms - grove , pavilion, canopy ,booth, tent, Arbor,nook, thicket, a framework that supports climbing plants.
Antonyms - stay in a place ,walk,pull attract
 62. Arcane.
Secret and mysterious
रहस्य का,भेद का।
Synonyms - mysterious , hidden , concealed ,covert
Antonyms - exoteric
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