important questions for upcoming CTET, UPTET and all other States Tet exams Child development & pedagogy

Q.1.  What's the most appropriate way to tackle a disable child when he or she first comes to school
A. to seclude  from other students
B. to refer the child to a special school according to the disability 
C. to conduct a special admission test
D. to arrange a special  parents teachers meet.
Q. 2. Which is the most effective factor of personality ?
A. heredity
B . environment
C. upbringing and education
D. heredity and environment
Q.3. According to Kohlberg, how can a teacher instill moral values in children 
A. By teaching how to behave ?
B. By discussing on moral values
C. By laying clear rules of behaviour
D. By giving importance to religious teachings
Q 4. Which of the following is the most important quality of a teacher ?
A. Eagerness to teach
B. Competence to teach in highly standardised language
C. Patience and perseverance
D. Understanding of the child
Q.5. How will  the creativity among  learners be fostered ?

2. D.
3. C
4. D


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