# If SSB process is so good why do corruption cases in Army occurs ?#

Question: Sir, I want to know that if the ssb process is so good then why do corruption cases like the Augsta Westland happen and if asked about my views on ‘corruption in the armed forces’ by IO how should I tackle?

Answer: You have asked a very pertinent question, now let me explain. Firstly, the authenticity of the selection process can neither be doubted nor debated as it is highly scientific and time tested, which has put into the forces incredible ‘heroes’ over the years.
The candidates who are being recommended by the SSB come from the same degenerated environment where corruption is more or less ‘a way of life’. It is but natural that the psyche of each one of us, who has existed in this environment, has got infected with this disease (some very badly and some a little less).
During the selection process, the trick lies in identifying the candidates who are within the acceptable limits of infection by this disease.
Sometimes, a candidate may be highly intelligent and is able to mask the perceived limits of infection during his/her SSB or the disease is at such a dormant stage that it does not clearly show up to the assessors.
However, the number of such candidates who can fool the system is minuscule. The reason is that during the training conducted at the prestigious Defence Institute of Psychological Research for the future assessors prior to them getting posted to various SSBs, they are instructed that, “let many good guys not make it, just to prevent a single ‘bad hat’ from qualifying”.
Further, what needs to be remembered is that the SSB only recommends, “Potential Officer Material” and not a finished product. That job is undertaken by the training academy and the candidate’s parent unit to which he/ she gets posted to after commissioning. 
During the course of his probationary grooming period many cadets/ officers are discharged on charges of “unbecoming conduct”.
However, in some acute cases the latent unholy side emerges at a senior stage when the opportunities are galore and the restrictions are far and few. Nonetheless, such cases can be counted on fingers ever since the Indian Armed Forces came into existence. 
Coming to the second part of your query, in case the IO asks for your opinion, be balanced and reasonable in your views. You could build up your reply on the following lines:
“Sir, armed forces is the last bastion for boundless integrity, truthfulness, honour and patriotism. I am of the opinion that questioning the soldiers above attributes is literally a sin. 
I do understand sir, that there have been some aberrations with respect to these attributes in a few cases that have come into the public domain from time to time, but those are more of an exception than a rule. 
I believe that the cancer of corruption has touched the furthest nerve ending of the very fabric of our society, but I feel that the armed forces have been fairly isolated from getting affected. 
The specific case of former Air Chief Tyagi is still being investigated and I feel it may not be fair to be judgemental at this stage”. 


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