#SSB Preparation Guidance for Technical Graduates#

Question: I need some help regarding SSB for technical graduates, e.g. UES, TGC or SSC (Tech) SSB, even Navy and AFSB. 
Will you please let me know what kind/type of technical questions are asked by IO? Also, how must I reply, if he asks, “how will you be able to use your technical knowledge to contribute professionally”?

Answer: The SSB evaluation process aims to ascertain your behavioural manifestations in the context of a ‘group effective leader’, who is then recommended as a ‘potential officer material’. Hence, the process of assessment and selection is very similar for all types of entries, whether they are technical or non technical, i.e. in every entry they are looking for your ‘leadership skills’. 
The technical questions asked by him will relate to your general awareness and true passion for your stream, rather than academic questions about your technical stream.
An example; for Computer Science stream, you may be asked about cloud computing; distribution of bandwidth of the spectrum for use by different commercial/ government users; use of computer science in integrated missile technology programme, communication systems and surveillance devices; how 'sensor to shooter' timing is being telescoped by integrating various components deployed in the war zone; how Nano-technology has given a boost to new and smarter inventions; modernization plan and use of technology in the forces; role and principle of function of various electronic devices like RADAR, or AWACS, etc. 
Aspirants from various streams of engineering may read through the following blog to know the general trend about what kind of questions they may expect: https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=5589972849559573007#allposts
Coming to the second part of your question, he is primarily looking at what is your understanding of your role in the forces as a commissioned officer.
A sample answer could be, “sir I wish to be an innate part of our highly elite defence forces, working hard to upgrade my professional skills & technical knowledge. I see myself to be an inextricable team member, who takes pride in his work and draws harmony in collective effort. I wish to contribute towards the organisation in my field of “ ------------ Engineering” by way of innovative thinking and doing R&D commensurate to my exposure in the service”.
Having answered the question in the above manner, it will be very important for you to appear genuine by being able to handle the questions emerging from IO’s further probing well, e.g. which professional skills will you like to upgrade?, give an example of how you will work in harmony with you team?, what kind of contributions or innovative ideas do you propose will help the organisation?, etc. 
Again a few suggestions: 
Professional Skills Up Gradation: By doing professional courses & cadres after joining the army, learning from my seniors in the unit, get hands on training by physically working on the equipment, also I aim to do specialisation in my field, etc.
Work in Harmony: I will spend a lot of time, on duty and off duty to know my troops well, know their strengths and weakness to be able to use the right man for the right job; also I will endeavour to go out of my way to build up honest associations based on mutual trust and affection with my peer group and my superiors, etc.
Innovative Ideas: Having learnt my trade well I will do my best to utilise my professional knowledge to prepare innovations that will assist in enhancing functional ability at the unit level, e.g. preparing labour saving devices for trade work or administrative functioning, using technology, for better upkeep of documentation, inventory of stores/ spares and ready-reckoner for task schedules, etc.
Further, it will be cardinal to know about your ‘job content’ in the forces and also to understand what kind of role you will be playing. 
Contact numbers : 7678518506/9212096139
In order to understand the same, please go through https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=5589972849559573007#allposts


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