SSB requires team spirit along with individual heroism. It requires a leadership quality along with self discipline. It demands intelligence, honesty, punctuality, persistence, patriotism, passion and commitment towards one's job. You need adaptability, skillfulness, communicative ability, sharp decision making humbleness & politeness. Don't be artificial, be natural. Don't try to cultivate imaginary stories & characters. Be realistic in your approach. Many aspirants try to answer the question as if they were super heroes. Be practical in answering questions. Many candidates try to highlight their patriotism, bravery, sacrifice, passion to unbelievable level. Suppose in interview you are asked what will you do if you are surrounded by criminals in a lonely place and you are along with your sister and without any arms. If you answer that you will fight with them and defend your sister even at the cost of your death is not the best response. If you say that firstly I will try to run away from the place along with my sister to safe place and cry for help if possible. If reaching to safe place or getting help is not possible then attack them with any article I may find. This response is more practical & logical. Suppose you are asked why you wanted to join army and you say that you want to get param vir chakra. This is not the best answer. The army does not invest so much on you so that you loss your life. The better response can be that I want to serve my country leading from the front & give my best services whenever & whatever required from me. If you are asked you could earn better in other professions why you want to join army. If you say that joining army has been my passion or goal. Money is not important for me. This is not the best response. If you say that I have passion for joining army. Army also provides good career opportunities, career growth, good salary and other facilities, social prestige and sense of pride , great life style full of sports, adventure and fun, which other professions cannot match. This can be better response. Because it is practical & realistic. So don't be philosophical,fake idealist, showy & crafty type. Be simple, straightforward, polite, practical & realistic in your answer. You can be skillful but not crafty.
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