1. Which gases are found on Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus and Neptune?
 Ans 1. The atmosphere of Jupiter and Saturn are mostly made of Hydrogen and Helium but we get evidence of some Hydrogen compounds too.
Uranus and Neptune are mostly made of Hydrogen compounds but with slight availability of Hydrogen,Helium,Metal and Rock.
2. Zinc Oxide is applied to Metals to prevent Rusting and this process is called Galvanization.
3.DBMS stands for Data Base Management System.
4. CPU that is Central Processing Unit is called Brain of Computers.
5. Computer was invented by Charles Babbage.
6. The Full Form of  ASCII is American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
7. Which Fundamental Rights are available only to Indian Citizens and which are available to both Indian Citizens and Non Citizens living in India?
Ans. 7. The Fundamental Rights guaranteed even to non  citizens in India along with Indian Citizens are Art14,20,21,21A,22,23,24,25,26,27 & 28 .
 The Fundamental Rights guaranteed by Art 15,16,19,29 & 30 are available only to Indian Citizens.
8. The first Round Table Conference, Second Round Table Conference and Third Round Table Conferences were held respectively in 1930, September 1931 and 1932 in London. The first and third Round Table Conferences were boycotted by Indian National Congress due to  participation in Civil Disobedience Movement. The second Round Table Conference was attended by Gandhi Ji as sole representative of Indian National Congress after Gandhi Irwin Pact (Delhi Agreement) on 5th March 1931. All three Round Table Conferences were attended by Indian leaders BR Ambedkar and Tej Bahadur Sapru but they were not in Congress.
9. Fundamental Rights has been borrowed from USA constitution. They are in Part 3, Art 12 to 35 . Presently there are 6 Fundamental Rights. In the beginning there were 7 Fundamental Rights. Right to Property which was earlier a Fundamental Right under Art 31 has been deleted as a Fundamental Right with 44th Constitutional Amendment Act 1978 and put under Art 300A simply as a legal Right. Now the six Fundamental Rights are (1)Right to Equality - Art 14 to 18 (2) Right to Liberty - Art 19 to 22 (3) Right Against Exploitation - Art 23 & 24 (4) Right to Freedom of Religion - Art 25 to 28 (5) Cultural and Educational Rights - Art 29 & 30 (6) Right to Constitutional Remedy - Art 32 
10. Art 17 is associated with Prohibition of Untouchability. Art 19 is associated with 6 Freedoms. Freedom of Press is implied under Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression (one of the 6 Freedoms under Art 19) Art 21 deals with Right to Life and Personal Liberty.
Art 20 deals with the protections from conviction for Offences. Art 20 and Art 21 can't be suspended even during National Emergency. Except Art 20 & 21 other Fundamental Rights can be suspended when National Emergency is imposed under Art 352.
11.John Fosse, Norwegian author won Noble Prize in Literature in 2023 for his plays and Prose which gives voice to the unsayable.
12. Fundamental Duties have been borrowed from the constitution of Japan and USSR . Originally there was no Fundamental Duty in our Constitution . 10 Fundamental Duties were added through 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act 1976 and 11th Fundamental Duty was added through 86th Constitutional Amendment Act 2002. Now there are 11 Fundamental Duties. Fundamental Duties are non Justiciable.
13. The name Punjab means Land of 5 rivers Jhelum,Chenab, Ravi ,Beas and Sutlej.These rivers are tributaries of Indus river.
14. Home Rule Movement was started by Anni Besant and Bal Gangadhar Tilak separately in 1916 .
15. India has currently two rocket launching Pads operated by ISRO  : (1) Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launch Station (TERLS) near Tiruvanantpuram,Kerala and (2) Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC)in Sri Harikota, Andhra Pradesh.
16. India's Missile testing facility is in Chandipur, Odisha on Abdul Kalam Island in Bay of Bengal near Chilka Lake.
17. Kidney removes nitrogenous compounds from Blood.
18.Mendeleeve's Periodic Table is based on Atomic Mass of Elements where as Mosley's periodic table is based on Atomic Numbers of Elements.
19. Study of Rocks is called Petrology where as Study of Soil is called Pedology.
20. Aryabhatta is first satellite made by India and launched on April 19,1975 by a Soviet Kosmos - 3 M rocket from Kapustin Yar , in Astrakhan oblast province in South West Russia. The first rocket of India was RH 75(Rohini Series) which was a sounding rocket developed in 1967. The launch of first sounding rocket was from Thumba near Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala on 21November 1963 which marked the beginning of Indian Space program with the help of Russia and France.


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