1. The Present chief Justice of India is DY Chandrachud.
2. West Bengal shares border with 3 countries Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.
3. Rutherford discovered nucleus of an Atom .
4. The Origin of Species was written by Charles Darwin.
5. The currency of Japan is Yen .
6. Kaveri river is called Ganga of the South.
7. Karnam Malleswari was first Indian woman to win a medal in Olympics. She won a Bronze medal in Weightlifting in Sydney Olympics in 2000.
8. The founder of Mughal Empire was Babur . He defeated Ibrahim Lodi, last Afghan ruler in 1526 in first battle of Panipat.
9. Kangaroo is the national animal of Australia.
10. Jagdeep Dhankar is the present vice president of India.
11. Australia won 2023  ICC cricket world cup defeating India in Narendra Modi Stadium.
12.ISRO stands for Indian Space Research Organization. It's headquarter is in Bengaluru. ISRO was established on 15th August 1969. Present Chairman of ISRO is S Somnath.
13.  A cheque is a written order to a bank or financial institution to pay certain amount from Cheque holder 's account to bearer's account. The validity of Cheque is for 3 months.
14. National Science Day is observed to celebrate invention of Raman Effect by Indian Physicist CV Raman on 28th February. He also got Noble Prize for this.
15. Bank of Hindustan established in 1770 in Kolkata is considered first bank of India, although full fledged first Indian Bank was Punjab National Bank founded in 1894 in Lahore and after partition in 1947 shifted to Delhi .
16. Air is mixture of different gases and contains 78%nitrogen, 21%Oxygen and small amount of carbon dioxide,argon ,neon , hydrogen etc.
17. First Olympics was held in Athens ,Greece in 776 BC but modern Olympics started in 1896 in Athens, Greece.
18. Sachin ,master blaster played his first Test Match against Pakistan in 1989.
19. The Short Cut key to expand Browsing Screen is F 11 .
20. Shimla Agreement took place in 1972 between India and Pakistan after crushing defeat of Pakistan in 1971 war and formation of a new country Bangladesh from erstwhile Pakistan. The signatories were Mrs Indira Gandhi,PM of India and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, President of Pakistan.


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