# Bullet points for GK (Must for forthcoming exams)#

1. The third battle of Panipat was fought between Marathas (Peshwa - Balaji Baji Rao ; Commander - Sadashiv Bhao ) and Afghan General Ahmad Shah Abdali in 1761 . In this battle Marathas were badly defeated.
2. Nadir Shah defeated Mughal Emperor Mohammad Shah Rangila in 1739 , captured Delhi and carried away Peacock Throne & Kohinoor Diamond to Persia (Ancient Iran). Presently Kohinoor Diamond is in crown of British Queen.
3. Maharaja Ranjit Singh united all the Sikhs and founded a kingdom in Punjab. 
4. British Government started ruling India directly after Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 enacting Government of India Act 1858. Rule of East India company was ended.
5.The first cotton Mill in India was established in Bombay.
6. The first Fort constructed by British in India was St George Fort (Madras).
7. English established their factory at Surat in 1611. They were the first European powers to establish their factory in Surat.
8 .3rd Anglo - Mysore war ended by the treaty of Seringapatnam during the time of Lord Cornwallis in which Tipu Sultan had to cede more than half of his territories to English.
9. BR Ambedkar attended all the three Round Table conferences held respectively in 1930,1931& 1932 in London. Congress attended only 2nd under Gandhi Ji  and boycotted first and 2nd Round Table Conferences.
10. Mahatma Gandhi launched Non Cooperation movement (1920-1922);Civil Disobedience Movement (1930-1934);Quit India Movement (8th August 1942).
11. Mohammad Ali and Shaukat Ali ( Known as Ali Brothers) launched Khilafat Movement in India against the British for restoration of  all rights to Sultan of Turkey who was considered Khalifa of Muslims in world.
12. Rabindra Nath Tagore renounced his knighthood conferred on him by British Government protesting against Jallianwala Bagh Massacre on 13th April 1919 in Amritsar by General Dyer.
13. Mahatma was added before Gandhi Ji's name during Champaran Satyagraha . The title of Mahatma was given to him by Rabindranath Tagore.
14. Lord Curzon partitioned Bengal on communal grounds in 1905 . He is also  known for University Act of 1904.
15. Mahatma Gandhi founded Phoenix Ashram , Sevagram Ashram and Sabarmati Ashram. Vishwabharati was founded by Rabindranath Tagore.
16. Delhi became capital of India in 1911. 
17. The Mughal ruler Bahadur Shah 2 was exiled by British and sent to Mandalay Jail (Rangoon,Mynamar)in 1858 where he died in 1862.
18. The introduction of greased cartridges for the new Enfield Rifle sparked off 1857 revolts.


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