#Teaching Aptitude ,Child Psychology (BEd, CTET, UPTET, Super Tet , DSSSB, KVS ) - Practice Paper 2#

1. Who can fullfil the aim of education ?
A. School
B. Teacher
C. Parents
D. Student
2." Support personal development, social responsibility and sense of self worth " whom you can associate it with 
A. Teacher
B. School
C. Student
D. Government
3. Homework is good for the reason is
A. It can creat good study habits and positive attitudes towards learning.
B. Students can learn everything.
C. It reduces tension of the students
D. It makes the students more intelligent
4. Why was Navoday Vidyalaya established-
A.To  provide good education to meritorious students in rural area.
B. To fullfil it's motto ' enter to learn, leave to serve '
C. To educate all students of rural areas.
D. To educate students from urban area.
5. Understanding of the child is the most important quality of a
A. Teacher
B. Parents
C. School
D. Principal
6. What was the aim of Basic education ?
A. To develop the qualities of the ideal citizenship and more focus on Indian culture.
B. To focus on foreign culture
C. To educate all
D. To educate adult
7. Why individual diffrence should be kept in mind in teaching - learning processw
A. It is taught in teaching course 
B. All students are not taught properly.
C. All the students can't ne taught in a single way because they have different qualities in them.
D. Children learn differently and develop at different rates.
8. If a child tries to solve the problems he/she should
A.Be encouraged to do that
B. Be prohibited to do that
C. Be punished
D. Be sent to the Principal
9. Learning is considered to be 
A. A permanent change of behaviour
 B. A temporary change of behaviour
C. A habit to study mote and more
D. None of these
10. Habit of self study can be developed by
A. Giving homework
B. Doing classwork
C. Not giving homework
D. None of these
11. Why is field trip arranged ?
A. To enrich Learning experience
B. To entertain the children
C. To show the children new places
D. To fullfil the criteria of the syllabus
12. In which of the method learner's are passive ?
A. Discovery method
B. Lecture method
C. Project method
D. Open book method
13. ' How you tell, what you are doing ' is the theme of which method ?
A. Demonstration method
B. Entertainment method
C. Experiment method
D. None of these
14. If a child with average intelligence is not able to distinguish between 'saw' and 'was'  he/ she is suffering from
A. Dyslexia
B. Dysmorphemia
C. Word disordering
D. Hesitation
15. If you find that a student is not wearing proper uniform , you will
A. Punish him/her
B. Make a joke on him
C. Not pay any attention
D. Counsel him to come in proper uniform
16. Students backward in studies should be treated 
A. Harshly
B. Lovingly
C. Sympathetically
D. Liberally
17. What is the importance of play therapy in education ?
A. It makes education more entertaining
B. It focuses on play
C. It helps in understanding inner motives and complexes of students
D. It makes education easy and comfortable
18. What is the importance of diagnostic Teaching ?
A. It shorts out the problem related to Learning.
B. It reduces tension of teaching. 
C. It is substitute for hard labour.
D. None of these
19. In India Schools should focus on
A. Cherished values by the country.
B. Academic Excellence
C. Development of traits of good citizenship
D. Traits to face the hurdles of life
20. Whether a student has understood anything can be best expressed when he/ she can
A. Use it in solving problems to which it applies
B. Give more examples of it
C. Explain it as it is
D. None of these
21. A teacher always comes late , despite your request. What should be your action as an incharge of time- table ?
A. Let him/her do that
B. Insult him in the presence of students.
C. Warn  him not to come late again
D. Report to the Principal
22. What message does the movie ' Tare jamin par ' deliver ?
A. Every learner is unique
B. A dull student can do  nothing
C. Dreaming has no importance in Study
D. None of these
23. What is the importance of ' in services teacher training '
A. To improve their efficiency,Ability , knowledge etc
B. To increase salary
C. To enhance their communication skill
D. To make it compulsory.
24. While watching Tv how many sense organs are used ?
A. 5
D. 4
25. When was ICT ( Information and Communication Technology) emphasised  in education ?
A. NCTE B.Ed curriculum framework 2014
B. NPE 1986
C. NPE 1992
D. None of these 
1. B
2 .B
3. A
4. A
5. A
6. A
7. D
8. A
9. A
10. A
11. A
12. B
13. A
14. A
15. D
16. C 
17. C
18. A
19. A
20. A
21. D
22. A.
23. A
24. B
25. A


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