#Teaching Learning & School & Child Psychology Practice Papers (BEd, CTET, UPTET, DSSSB, KVS )- Practice Paper 1

1.The purpose of summative assessment is not to
A. give finale grades
B. check learner's performance graph
C . provide feedback to teachers' effectiveness
D. accelerate students' Learning performance.
2. For effective classroom management what is necessary?
A. a teacher should be a graduate
B. A teacher should be M.A/M.Sc/M.Com
C.A teacher should have B.Ed degree
D. A teacher should have deep knowledge.
3. What is the importance of performing drama in learning method.?
A. It builds confidence, communication skill and academic performance better.
B. It is not a good method.
C. It inculcates habit of acting.
D. It is wastage of time.
4. The aim of education is
A. Physical development
B.Moral development
C. Social development
D. All round development
5. The factors which build personality are
A. Scolding and beating
B. Heredity and environment
C. Teaching and learning
D. Advice and moral instructions.
6. Criteria of an Objective type question is
A. Essay type
B. One sentence answer
C. True and false
D. Long answer 
7. Who is the first teacher of life?
A. Primary school teacher
B. Tuition teacher
C. Middle school teacher
D. Mother
8. Before starting teaching in the class a teacher should 
A.Start dictating lesson
B. Start singing
C. Start dancing
D. Draw attention of children
9. Projector can be called.           category of teaching aid 
A. Visual aid
B. Audio aid
C. Audio and visual both
D. None of these.
10. Which of the following is associated with National Policy of Education (1986)?
A. Education for all irrespective of cast,creed and religion.
B.10+2+3 system
C. Three language formula.
D. None of these.
11. The best way to maintain discipline in the class by a teacher is
A. To beat the students
B. To let the students do what they want to do
C. To deal with the students politely.
D. To involve the students in Interesting activities.
12. Formal education is
A. Life long
B. Time bound
C. Not at specific place
D. Not good result
13. What is affected by students' mental health ?
A. Energy level, concentration, performance level - harmonious function of the total personalities.
B. Only Study level
C. Only cognitive level
D. No effects at all.
14. Which of the following is the example of software technology ?
A. Television set
B. Computer
C. Cd player
D. Hard disk
15. What is true regarding psychological barriers of communication ?
A. The person is not mentally & emotionally sound
B. No loss of transmission
C. Faith in the listner
D. Good retaintion
16. When was CABE ( Central Board of Education )set up ?
A. 1992
B. 1968
C. 1982
17. Which of the following is an extra curricular activity ?
A. Debate
B. Class work
C. Studying Mathematics
D. Shouting in the class
18. Assessment ascertains
A. How far the learning objectives have been achieved ?
B. The weakness of instructional procedures
C. Reinforcement and feedback
D. All of the above
19. What is the significance of work experience in education
A. To bridge the gap between school life and real life
B. To participate in productive work for livint
C. To inculcate in students right attitude
D. All of the above.
20. What should a teacher do to arouse interest among the students in the class room ?
A. Give homework too much
B. send message to the parents
C. Use teaching aids
D. Involve students in teaching learning through interaction
21. Audio - video aids are best suitable for
A. Lecture method
B. Textbook method
C. Discussion method
D. Maximum participation of students in teaching.
22. What is the criteria of a good textbook?
A. Interactive language
B. Learner friendly
C. Logical sequence of content
D. All of the above
23. What should be done to the slow learner in the class ?
A. Treated badly
B. Motivated
C. Neglected
D. Treated sympathetically
24. What should be the approach of a teacher towards the students in the classroom ?
A. Democratic
B. Autocratic
C. Cooperative
D. Strict very much or partially low
25. What among the following is best example of source acquiring knowledge systematically ?
A. Expert opinion
B. Scientific method
C. Personal experience
D. School
1. D
2. C
3. A
4. D
5. B
6. C
7. D
8. D
9. A
10. A
11. D
12. B
13. A
14. B
15. A
16. D
17. A
18. D
19. D
20. D
21. D
22. D
23. D
24. A
25. B


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