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1. Three Hoysala era temples made it to UNESCO World Heritage list. 2. All the three temples are in Karnataka. 3. Hoysala temples are known for the rare beauty and finnesse of their wall sculpture. 4. The Hoysala temples are built in the 12th and 13th centuries. 5.These are the three temples of Hoysala enlisted in the world Heritage. 6. The Chennakeshava temple in Belur. 7. The Hoysaleswara temple in Halebidu. 8. The Keshava Temple in Somnathapuram. 9. It was announced by the UNESCO, during the world Heritage committee 's 45th session in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 10.The Hoysala Dynasty held power in Karnataka from the 10th century to 14th century. The Hoysala Dynasty began as provincial governor under the western Chalukyas. 11. The two dominant empires of the South , the western Chalukyas and the Cholas, crumbled, the Hoysalas established themselves.

India marching ahead under Modi - How? भारत का विकास मोदी राज में , कैसे?

1. Caring for Girl child (Beti Bachao,Beti Padhao) - Capacity building and Training Programs and strengthening district and frontline workers to empower girl child with the spirit of ' Beta Beti ek Saman '.Beti Bachao,Beti Padhao (BBBP) was launched by PM Narendra Modi on 22nd January 2015 from Panipat, Haryana. 2. A proper sequence of programs to bring underprivileged,havenots and deprived sections of the society in mainstream of development through JAM that is JAN DHAN, Aadhar and Mobile. This will provide access to millions to Banking Services and there will be no leakage in Direct Money Transfers. This helps in providing delivery of development programs speedily to the targetted marginalized communities in huge numbers without corruption. Modiji launched the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna on 28th August . It includes programs like Pradhanmantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, Pradhanmantri Jivanjyoti Bima Yojana and Atal pension yojna . 3. Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna is holistic and new

Journey from India's Old Parliament to New Parliament (पुराने संसद भवन से नए संसद भवन तक की यात्रा)

1. Edwin Lutyens & Herbert Baker were architects of Old Indian Parliament Building. 2. Old parliament building was constructed between 1921 and 1927 . 3. Between 1927 and 15th August 1947 Old Parliament Building was called Imperial Legislative Council. Functioning of Imperial Legislative Council started during the period of Viceroy Lord Irwin in 1927. 4. Between 15th August 1947 and 26th January 1950 it was called Constituent Assembly. 5. Between 26th January 1950 to 19th September 2023(Up to 1 PM ) it was called Parliament Building. 6. On 19 th September 2023 (About 2PM) Old Parliament Building was named by Prime minister Narendra Modi as Samvidhan Sadan. 7.New Parliament Building was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 28May 2023. 8.New Parliament Building was built between 2020 and 2023 . It was designed by Architect Bimal Patel. Inspite of COVID 19  Pandemic the New Parliament Building was completed in record time in about 3 Years. 9. Our Constituent Assembly was con

Details for upcoming exams - IMF,World Bank,WTO,UNO,RBI ,Finance Commission, Planning Commission, NITI AYOG, Election Commission, National Parties, Supreme Court ,UPSC etc with recent updates

Image 1.Present Managing Director of IMF(International Monetary Fund) is Bulgarian Economist Kristalina Georgieva. IMF was established in 1944 under Bretton Woods Conference. It's headquarter is in Washington DC. It helps member countries in managing balance of payment crisis. The three main functions of IMF is Surveillance, financial support in meeting balance of payment crisis and  providing technical assistance to member countries.IMF provides advice in Policy formulation, capacity building and concessional financial support through the Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust (PRGT) which is currently interest free  to developing countries. 2. First Deputy Managing Director of IMF is Indian American Gita Gopinath. 3. Present World Bank President is David Malpass,an American Economist. World Bank was established in 1944 under Bretton Woods Conference. It's headquarter is in Washington DC. It's main function is to

English practice paper 8

English practice set 8 Directions: Given below are some idioms/ phrases followed by four alternative meanings for each. Choose the most appropriate answer from among the options (a), (b),(c) and (d) 1. A pearl of wisdom a. An important thing in one's life b. An important piece of advice  c. An important person of wisdom d. An important event in one's life 2. To give up the ghost a. To become rational b. To suffer c. To die  d. To fight evil forces 3. To talk through one's hat a. To talk nonsense b. To talk wisdom c. To talk fluently d. To talk hurriedly  4. A pipe dream  a. A foolish idea b. A bad dream c. An unpleasant dream d. An impracticable plan 5. To save one's face a. To cover one'sface b. To hide oneself c. To say plainly d. To evade disgrace  6. Once in a blue moon a. Every now and then b. Once in a year c. Bi - fortnightly  d. On rare occasions 7. To show one's teeth a. To be polite b. To face ode situation c. To adopt a threatening atitude d. To make

Ancient Indian History (Paleolithic Period) For SSC NDA CDS RRB Civil Services General Competitions - By Nibha Mishra @Brilliant Academy of Learning, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi .Call 9891726652/9212096139

1.Bori in Maharashtra suggests  the appearance of human being in India around 1.4 million years ago. 2. From their first appearance to around 3000 BC, humans used only stone tools for different purposes. This period is therefore called Stone Age 3. Stone age has been divided into three ages called 1.Paleolithic Age ( old stone age) 2. Mesolithic Age ( middle stone age) 3. Neolithic Age ( new stone age). 4.  The Paleolithic age dates back to 500,000 BC - 10,000 BC 5. The people of this age were food gathering people. 6.They lived on hunting and gathering wild fruits. 7.Their tools were unpolished,udressed,rough stones. 8. They lived in caves and rock shelters. 9.They had no knowledge of agriculture, fire and pottery. 10. They are called ' Quartzite Men' because their tools ( axes, cleavers, choppers, blades etc.)  were made of hard rock called quartzite. 11. It has been said that Paleolithic men belonged to the Negrito race. 12. According to the nature of stone tools used by the

Indian States & Union Territories with their capitals, chief ministers ,governors &Lt.Governors

Currently there are 28 states and 8 union territories in India. State 1. Himachal Pradesh  Capital - Shimla Chief minister - Shri Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu. Governor - Shri Shiv Pratap Shukla l 2. Punjab Capital - Chandigarh Chief minister - Shri Bhagwant Mann Governor - Shri Banwari Lal Purohit 3. Haryana Capital - Chandigarh Chief minister - Shri Manohar Lal Khattar Governor - Shri Bandaru Duttatraya 4. Uttarakhand Capital - Dehradun Chief minister - Shri Pushkar Singh Dhami Governor - Gurmeet Singh. 5. Rajasthan Capital - Jaipur Chief minister - Shri Ashok Gehlot Governor - Shri KalRaj Mishra 6. Uttar Pradesh Capital - Lucknow Chief minister - Shri Yogi Aditya Nath Governor -Anandi Ben Patel 7. Bihar Capital - Patna Chief minister - Shri Nitish Kumar Governor - Shri Rajendra Vishwanath Aralekar  8. Sikkim Capital - Gangtok Chief minister - Shri Prem Singh Tamang Governor - Shri Laxman Prasad Acharya  9. Assam Capital - Dishpur Chief minister - Shri Hemanth Vishwa Sharma Gov


1. " The Diploma Disease" is written by British economist Ronald Dore and first published in 1976. 2. Yo-Yo and Dexa test are cricket fitness test. 3. Kasper Rud won men's single United Cup. 4.# The Great Indian school Bazar " is written by Dev Lahiri . 5. VVP vibrant village programm is an initiative to promote development and communication in border villages. 6.At the commonwealth  game 2022  Indian team won gold after defeating South African team in Lawn bowling. 7. Women MPs were elected for the first time in three countries in 2022 are Kuwait, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. By Nibha Mishra   

Vocabulary enrichment 2 English Word Power for IBPS PO SBI PO IBPS CLERK SBI Clerk

Vocabulary enrichment , Helpful for Bank Po and Bank Clerk Exams  1. Astute चतुर clever,deft, nimble,prudent 2. Austere सीधा -सादा,सख्त मिजाज, कठोर,कट्टर severely simple,stern, morally strict, adamant, staunch, orthodox 3. Avarice लोभ greed for wealth,greediness,stinginess, rapacity, solicitation 4. Averse प्रतिकूल opposed,disinclined, unfavorable, repugnant,contrary 5. Avowedly खुलकर , स्वीकृत formal declare,confess 6. Avert टालना, हटाना Prevent,turn away, defer,repel, eliminate 7. Awe  बहुत बढ़िया reverential fear or wonder 8. Awesome भयानक,भयावह 9. Awning शामियाना, तिरपाल fabric roof,shelter, canopy 10. Azure नीला sky blue Compiled by  Nibha Mishra@Brilliantacademyoflearning Call 9891726652 /9212096139  Visit Brilliant Academy of Learning, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi   

Vocabulary enrichment 1 English Word Power for Bank Po Clerk IBPS PO Clerk SBI PO Clerk

Vo cabulary enrichment   English Word Power for IBPS PO, SBI PO,IBPS CLERK, SBI Clerk  1.Alight प्रदीप्त करना, जलाना  on fire, lit up get down or off, come to earth, settle उतरना,नीचे आना 2.allmentary पोषण, पौष्टिक, भोजन और पाचन से संबंधित concerning nutrition, nourishing 3. Amorphous बेढब आकारहीन no definite shape,vague,non crystalline,anihistic 4. Analgesia पीड़ा शून्यता absence or relief of pain 5. Ancillary अधीनस्थ, सहायक subsidiary, auxiliary ( especially of health workers) 6. Annihilate संहार करना, मिटा देना  destroy utterly 7. Apathy उदासीनता lack of interest, feeling, emotion 8. Aphasia बोलना बंद हो जाना loss of verbal understanding or expression 9. Arbitrary मनमाना random, capricious, despotic  10. Arduous कठिन hard to accomplish, strenuous,uphill, rigorous. 11 Assiduous परिश्रमी,अध्यवसायी hard working, persevering Compiled by  Nibha Mishra@BrilliantAcademyofLearning Call 9891726652 /9212096139 . Vis