#Important Battles of Indian History #

Important battles in The Indian history-(BY BRILLIANT ACADEMY OF LEARNING)
1. 1st battle of Tarain -1191 -Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Mohammed Ghori
2. 2nd battle of Tarain - 1192 - Mohammed Ghori defeated Prithviraj Chauhan
3. 1st battle of Panipat - 1526 - Babar defeated Ibrahim Lodhi
4. Battle of Khanwa- 1527- Babar defeated Rana Sunga further strengthening his foothold in India
5. Battle of Ghaghra - 1529 - Babar defeated Mohammed Lodhi and Sultan Nusrat shah Thus etablishing Mughal rule in India.
6. 2nd battle of Panipat - 1556 - Akabar defeated Hemu.
7. 3rd battle of Panipat - 1761 - Ahmed shah Abdali defeated the Marathas
8. Battle of Talikota - 1565 - Deccan Sultanates defeated the glorious Vijayanagar empire
9. Battle of Haldhighati - 1576- Undecivise battle between Raja Man Singh of Mughal army and Rana pratap of Mewar.
10. Batlle of Plassey - 1757 - British defeated Siraj - ud- Daula with help of Mir Zafar. This battle laid the foundation of Britidh empire in India.
11. Battle of Wandiwash - 1760 - British Decisively defeated the french in India. The seven years War. (1756 - 1763) betweeen the British and the French in Europe ran parallel to this war. 3 Carnatic wars were fought between the Bristish and The French and this battle of the 3rd Carnatic War.
12. Battle of Buxar - 1764 - British Defeated the combined forces of Mir Qasim, shuja-ud-daula (nawab of oudh) and Shah Alam 2nd . This completed the work began by the battle of plassey.
13. Battle of Samugarh - 1658 - Aurangzeb defeated Dara Shikoh.
14. Battle of Karnal - 1739 - Nadir Shah defeated Mughal emperor Mohammad Shah.


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