# How to perform better in Psychological Test in SSB ?#

Question: #‎Mishra‬ Sir i read your blog on the psychological test. They really help me to solve many problems occurring in my mind. I have a little doubt that you wrote in your blog if the picture does not show any problem, then never assume a problem like accident, insurgency, but i read in many books that story should be short term that shows quick action, so if there is no problem then create one and then define how you are tackling it!
Sir i am confused here if there will be no problem then how could we able to show our efforts! And if we have to assume the problem, then what kind of problem should we assume in short term goal!

Answer: To begin with, I wish to highlight that, this is how preparation for SSB, especially, psych tests by reading from books can harm you, especially, if you do that without understanding the ‘Why and How” of the psych tests. The book is not wrong, but your interpretation of what is written is incorrect.
Firstly, we all need to understand the difference between visualizing a problem and perceiving a challenge. In case no such stimulus is given, like an accident, or a robbery, etc and you are visualizing it, naturally it will show that your innate instincts invariably perceive negativity, in other words, you have a pessimistic bent of mind.
It will also show limited imagination of the candidate, as he/she needs to create a problem in their story, although no problem is depicted, so that the hero can solve it. A candidate with a better imagination and higher order of thinking will connect with the environment through the picture shown and endeavour to do something constructive from the clues given.
Further, such candidates, will be able to pick up issues affecting us and suggest how to tackle them, e.g. an accident is a problem, while making a story to improve the traffic situation to limit accidents in future, depicts understanding of the challenge imposed by accidents. Similarly, ragging is a problem, creating a story to make the campus ragging free is a challenge being surmounted.
On the contrary, when you see an accident and do not talk about it in your story, and call it a "Nukar Natak", it will show a wishful thought process, where you want to run away from facing a real challenge.
Secondly, coming to the next part of your question that “if there is no problem then create one”, I would like to say that, it is “definitely” not necessary. The major reason for most of us to perceive problems also accrues from the fact that every news paper, magazine and TV channel is talking about crimes and disasters, day in and day out. Hence, our sub-conscious minds have got adversely laced with the negativities that surround us.
In today’s environment, one will have to learn to live like a lotus in a filthy pond, which never loses its piety and goodness.
Hence, unless the mind is cleansed, and the thought process is calibrated to look at life as a blessing, rather than a struggle, goodness cannot flow through your pen in the Psychology tests during the SSB.
Therefore, I would like to advise all aspirants to improve your connectivity with the environment, e.g. when you are traveling look out of the window and feel for others and feel blessed to be a part of the God’s creation. Believe me, you will discover a million TAT stories that you can pick from.
Learn to experience life, rather than simply living through it, so that you can understand the difference between enjoying the rain and simply getting wet in it. This way your power to visualise will get enhanced and you will be able to give quality responses.
Furthermore, your aim while writing the story must be to “project the image of a reformists, who faces routine challenges (that are within his/her means) and physically contributes in small ways to make things better, rather than a person who only finds faults in everything around and believes only in complaining to the authorities to do something”.
You need to get out of the mode of being a “candle light marchers”, and do something to be the change that you always dream of.
Yes, the book is right to suggest that the story line must not go over a decade and must cover a shorter span of time, but, it does not mean that you will simply ‘describe the picture’ and limit your thoughts and scope of the story.
When you are here at Brilliant Academy Of Learning and are put through multiple practices, we shall discuss all the essentials threadbare, so that you are left with no doubts. Our endeavour will be to improve your understanding and the projection of your view in the most appropriate manner.
So, my sincere advice to you is “please do not read these books without understanding the rationale of these tests, otherwise even we will not be able to help you remove those deeply ingrained biases of your thought process, that you may gather after reading these books”.

Now coming to the last part of your query, let us say that there is a picture of a beach or a river side, why should you talk about someone drowning. You could make a story on de-stressing after completion of a major task by a group of employees or students or promoting bonhomie amongst co-workers to enhance cohesion for better environment at work place. The action part of the story could highlight the deadlines to be met and cut-throat competition at the work place or in a student’s life, very less time available for self development and socialising. You could also highlight how improved relations or distressed minds helped to improve their output at work, etc.
Similarly, you could make a story of quality time being spent by a family or a family reunion. The action part could highlight the reasons like break up of joint family system, busy life schedules, academic stresses, etc and how our social fabric needs to be strengthened. Thus, the story becomes value based.
There are no problems shown in both the above stories. The stories are intimately linked to the issues of the present day society that needs attention. Hence, such stories reflect that the candidate is very much alive to the issues of the present day society.
Therefore, while you visualise a challenge, your story must reflect an innovative mind, out of the box thinking and high order of awareness through the “Action Part” enunciated in your story.
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