#GK Questions SSC CHSL#

1.1st Indian woman awarded an Olympic medal – Karnam Malleswari
2.What is the velocity of object at maximum height - zero
3.The Number of official languages in India. – 22
4.What is the Location of Chandragiri fort? Chandragiri, Andhra Pradesh
5.Who was the father of Prithviraj Chauhan – Someshwar Chauhan
6.Turquoise is a mineral of hydrated phosphate of – copper and aluminium
7.Which planet is also known as red planet – Mars
8.Oncogene leads to – Cancer
9.Full form of PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride
10.Eldest Pandava Brother – Yudhishthira
11.Which fundamental right cannot be suspended – Right to Life and Personal Liberty
12.If same force is applied on two different bodies whose mass is different, what will be same - Acceleration, Velocity, Kinetic Energy, Momentum
13.Chromite is the ore for metal – Chromium
14.Who discovered bacteria – Van Leeuwenhoek
15."Hind Swaraj" is a book written by – Mohandas K. Gandhi
16.Who played role of Gandhi in Oscar-winning movie "Gandhi" – Ben Kingsley
17.Ranthambor fort is situated at situated – Rajasthan
18.Scientific name for Neem is – Azadirachta indica
19.Oscar Award winner for Best actress 2016 – Brie Larson
20.Mohiniyattam dance belongs to which state – Kerala
21.Which actor has won Oscar for supporting actor in 2016 – Mark Rylance
22.______is the continuation of the spinal cord within the skull - Medulla oblongata
23.Who is the author of Ignited Minds – A P J Abdul Kalam
24.How many members can be appointed by President in Rajya Sabha? 12
25.Dogri is spoken in which state? Jammu (J&K) and Himachal Pradesh
26.Fundamental duties in Indian Constitution have been borrowed from - USSR
27.Who is the Son of Babur – Humayun, Kamran Mirza and Hindal Mirza


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