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Directions: Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage. Certain words and phrases in the passage  are underlined to help you to locate them while answering some of the questions.
In the Kannada novel, Samskara, by Jnanpith awardee U.R Ananthmurthy , the upper caste Brahmins in a village deep in rural north Karnataka, who are caught in the grip of an epidemic face existential dilemma. Their deeply held religious beliefs and rituals are on test. The chief priest of the village, Praneshacharya, a devout, austere Brahmin, has to provide the answers. His neighbor, Naranappa, an irreverent, rebellious Brahmin, who has a hedonistic lifestyle, and who mocks the Brahmins and their rituals and their ,superstitions, suddenly takes ill and dies.
There is no one to bury him even as the body begins to decompose inside his house in the ‘Agrahara’, the Brahmins quarters, because the Brahmins fear they may invite the wrath of the Gods and worry about being excommunicated by the head priest of the mutt for cremating a renegade and heretic.They appeal to Praneshacharya to consult the scriptures and find an answer to the problem. Praneshacharya immerses himself in holy texts and prayers but no revelation come to him.
As times rolls by, rats in their thousands die and lie strewn all over the streets, while vultures begin hovering over Naranappa’s house.More people start dying in the village and the epidemic kills without discrimination. The village is under the deadly scourge of the plague.The Brahmins are hungry and are not allowed to eat till the cremation is completed.
Q1.What is the name of the Brahmins quarters mentioned in the passage?
   A.Bigrahara   B .Singhdwar    C.Agrahara   D Angradwar
Q 2.The word ‘irreverent’ suggests
A .Distasteful         B.Respectful       C.Ungodly      D.Dedicated
Q 3. What is the synonym of the word ‘wrath’
  A .Anger                B . Happyness       C .Good humour  D.Honesty
Q 4. What is the antonym of the word ‘renegade’a
    A .Loyal                B. Traiter                   C .Turncoat         D .Fanatic
Q. 5.What was the reason of the deadly scourge of the plague?
     A .Death of cats    B . Death of rats     C .Death of vultures D . Death of children.
Directions: Read the sentence given below to find out errors in it. The errors if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The letter (a) ,(b), (c),and (d) indicating that part is the answer.
Q. 6. He went into/ the bank and /withdrew some money /no error.
(a)                  (b)                    (c)                     (d)

Q.7.In that wholesale shop / they do not sell / fewer than ten bags of rice.
                       (a)                                    (b)                               (c)                                /no error.
      ( d)
Q. 8. Being / a rainy day / I could not go out /no error.
            (a)                                (b)                             (c)                     (d)
Q .9. Ravi / told to his friend /to buy a car / no error.
(a)              (b)                         (c)                  (d)

 Q .10. When at last / we got to the theatre /the much publicized
(a)                        (b)                                      (c)
Programme by the Bollywood stars was begun / no error.

            Directions: In the following questions, you are provided with the first and the last parts of a sentence.The remaining sentence is broken into four parts labelled (A), (B),(C) ,(D). You are required to arrarange these parts so as to form a complete meaningful sentence and then choose the correct combination.
Q.11.After the Kargil War,
     A.especially in the conduct of
      B. Joint operations
       C. as several weaknesses were detected
        D. a decision was taken to overhaul the higher defence organization
          By the three services.
          a.DCAB          b.ABCD      c.   CDAB        d.BACD
    Q .12. In December 2019,
           A.with pneumonia
            B.a cluster of patient  
            C.first noticed
             In Hubai province.
             a.ABCD           b.DCBA            c.BCAD        d.CABD
        Q. 13.Prime minister Narendra Modi,
             A. said that a task force under Finance Minister
              B. in his address to the nation
               C. has been constituted
                D. to assess the economic the economic impact of the pandemic
                       And suggest palliative measures.
                    a.BACD             b.DCAB            c.ACBD      d.DBAC
                Q.14.In a positive test,
                     A.says microbiologist Jayanti Shastri ,
                      B. “it takes anywhere between three to five hours to get a         
                             Screening result
                        C. and another two hours
                         D. for the confirmatory result,”
                            Who is at the helm of Mumbai lab.
                         a.BCDA            b.ACBD                 c.BDCA         d.ABCD
               Q.15. The panel has also sent a notice to the DCP claiming that
                       has received several reports of haphazard arrest of
                                B.that they are being pressured to
                               C.own up to implicate others in crimes
                                  D.youth in the age group of 20-30 in the districts without       
                                     any charges or warrants and
                                  they have apparently not commited.
                                 a.ADBC         b.CBDA            c.ABCD          d.DCBA
                        Directions: In each of the following questions, an idiomatic
                                             Expression/a proverb has been given, followed by                                         
                          Some alternatives. Choose the one which best expresses the
                           meaning of the given idiom/proverb.
                           Q.16.To beat the air
                              a. to make every possible effort
                               b. to make efforts that are useless or vain
                                c. to act foolishly
                                 d. to make frantic efforts
                                Q.17. to let the cat out of the bag
                                    a. to tell a secret without intending to do so
                                     b. to give nod
                                       c. to show compassion
                                         d. to miss a golden opportunity
                                     Q.18.To hold a brief for
                                       a. to defend someone
                                        b. to stay on for a brief period
                                        c. to do someone a favour
                                         d. to help someone
                                      Q.19.To mind one’sP’s and Q’s
                               be careful of one’s personality
                                          b. to be careful of one’s account
                                           c. to be accurate and precise
                                             d. to be cautious
                                          Q.20.A tall order
                                              a.a big problem
                                           b. a task difficult to perform
                                           c.a big demand
                                            d.a royal summon
Directions: In each of the following questions, choose the alternative which can best improve the given sentence by substuting the closesed portion in the bracket. If the sentence is correct as it is,choose ‘No improvement ‘ required as your answer.
Q.21. He will (ring her) day after tomorrow in the morning.
a. ring to her.   b. ring up to her c. ring her up improvement
Q.22.( Having had) in the teaching profession for a long time, Mrs Mishra has met different personalities.
a. Having             b. She has been         c. Having been d. Had she been
e. no improvement.
Q.23. You gave me an (old scissor) .
a. old scissor b. an old scissors             c. a pair of old scissors improvement
Q.24. Whenever my sons come across new words, I ask them (to look for) them in the dictionary. look at them l ook it up look them up  d. no improvement.
Q.25.He asked her (that why she) is so lazy.
a. why is she        b.why she was c. that why is she improvement
Directions:  In each of the following questions, choose the correctly spelt word out of the given alternative.
Q.26. a.resteraunt  b.restaurent     c.restaurent    d.restaurent
 Q.27. a.occurrance  b.occurrence   c.occurance    d.occurence
Q.28.a.gaurantee    b.guarantee      c.garuntee    d.guaruntee
Q.29. a.tempereture  b.temparature c.temperature  d.tamperature
Q.30. a.simultanious   b.simultaneous c.simultanious d.simultaneous
Directions: Pick out most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.
Q. 31.The Centre’s decision                  norms for entry into coal mining and relax regulations on mining and selling coal in the country is significant in many respects. liberalizing      b. to liberalise      c.liberalising   d.has liberalise
Q.32. Large investment in mining will creat jobs and         demand in critical sectors such as mining equipment and heavy commercial vehicles.
 a.set off                     b. setting off           c.set out   d. setting
Q.33.The role here will be               to the acquisition matters exclusive to each service and won’t extend to the procurement of big ticket items.
a.confined to              b.confining to          c.confine     d.has confined.
Q.34. They were             from doing so.
  a.preventing              b.prevented              c is preventing prevent.
Q.35. Scores of students from JNU                 outside the HRD Ministry since late afternoon on Thursday.
 a.assembled                b.assembling     assemble    d.assembled for
Q.36.It was decided that the government        the board examination fees of all the students of government schools.
a.bears                          b.will bear                      c.will be bearing bear.
Q.37. I        the same amount in providing free water and electricity to the people.
a.utilse         b. utilized               c.utilising     utilize
Q.38. The jurisdiction of the sealing process          with the civic bodies and the Centre.
a.lies             b.lying                         c.lay               lay
Q.40.In order to make rail travel safer,the Indian Railway is                on artificial intelligence-based technology solution. on    b.banking        bank           
Directions:The candidate is required to first read the passage, understand what it is about and then choose the most appropriate word in the context of the passage,from the given alternative.
It is time that we recognize the  right       1 internate access as a fundamental right.Internet broadband and mobile Internet services are a lifeline to people in India from all         2 of life.While the internet is certainly a main source of information and communication and         3 to social media.
It is so much more than       4 .
Q.41.a.from               d.too
Q.42.a.walking   b.walks      c. to walk d.walked
Q.43.access         b.accessing access   d.accessing
Q.44.a.the           b.that            c.this              d.  that is. 
People       5 in the technology -bassed gig economy- like the thousands of       6      workers for Swiggy,Domino and Amazon and cab drivers of Uber and Ola-      7         the internet for their livelihoods. It is a mode of access to education for students who do not              8  and take exams online. Access to the Internet is important to           9  the promotion and enjoyment of the   10 education.
Q.45.             b. working work         d. worked
Q.46.         b.delivering       c.delivered    d.  to deliver
Q.47.a.depend on   b.depending on depend   d.depended         b.course                   c.coursing do course
Q.49.a.facilatating facilitate          c.facilitate      d.facility
Q.50.a.righting           b.right to        right         d.right of



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