"Important facts of Indian constitution" very important for upcoming competitive Exams.

1.M.N.Roy was the first Indian who had given the idea to have Constitution.
2.The Indian National Congress in 1935, for the first time officially demanded a Constituent Assembly to frame the constitution of India.
3.The first meeting of the constituent assembly was held on 9 th December,1946 with Dr Sachidanand Sinha as it's interim President.
4. On 11th December,1946 Dr Rajendra Prasad was elected its President and H. C Mukherjee was elected as its  Vice President.
5.On December 13 th ,1946 B.N.Rao was appointed the constitutional advisor of the Assembly.
6.Objectives Resolution was moved by Jawaharlal Nehru in the Assembly.
7.' Objectives Resolution  ' was adopted unanimously on January 22nd ,1947.
8.'Objectives Resolution ' laid down the fundamentals and philosophy of the Constitutional structure.
9.'National flag 'was adopted on 22nd July,1947
10.'National Anthem & National song were adopted on January 24,1950


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