# Reasoning - Analogy (Important Questions with Answers written by NM Mishra on the behalf of Brilliant Academy of Learning Pvt Ltd)#

1. ANALOGY Part 1 (In this chapter of Reasoning you have to identify the similar relationship between 3rd and 4th words or terms what have been given between 1st and 2nd words or terms. )
Q.1. Radio: Marconi : : Television: ?
1. a. Graham Bell b. Toricelli c. J.L.Baird d. Waterman e. None of these
Explanation - Radio was invented by Marconi , in the similar way Television was invented by J.L. Baird. Barometer was invented by Toricelli. Fountain pen was invented by Waterman.
Ans 1. C. J. L. Baird
Q.2.  Vitamin A : Night Blindness:: Vitamin B : ?
2. a. Scurvy b. Beri Beri c. Rickets d. Impotency e. None of these
Explanation - Deficiency of Vitamin A causes Night Blindness , similarly Deficiency of Vitamin B causes Beri Beri. Deficiency of Vitamin C causes Scurvy. Deficiency of Vitamin D causes Rickets. Deficiency of Vitamin E causes Skin disease and Impotency.
Ans. 2. b. Beri Beri
Q. 3. Jupiter: Planet :: Milky Way : ?
3. a. Asteroid b. Comet c. Satellite d. Galaxy e. None of these
Explanation - Jupiter is a planet and similarly Milky Way is a Galaxy.
Ans. 3. d. Galaxy
Q. 4. 25 : 625 :: 29: ?
4. a. 841 b. 961 c. 1024 d. 729 e. 676
Explanation - The square of 25 is 625 , similarly square of 29 is 841.
Ans. 4. a. 841
Q. 5. 11: 1331 :: 12: ?
5. a. 1441 b. 1562 c. 1728 d. 2197 e. None of these
Explanation - Cube of 11 is 1331 , similarly cube of 12 is 1728.
Ans. 5. c. 1728.
Q. 6. Prosperity : Adversity :: Rigid : ?
a. Stubborn b. Obstinate c. Strong d. Flexible e. None of these
Explanation - Antonym of Prosperity is Adversity , similarly Antonym of Rigid is Flexible.
Ans. 6. d. Flexible
Q. 7. Embodiment : Incarnation ::  Frugal : ?
7. a. Generous b. Extravagant c. Luxurious d. Spendthrift e. Miser 
Explanation - Embodiment and Incarnation are Synonyms which mean visible or tangible form of an idea or thing. Generous, Extravagant, Luxurious, Spendthrift are Synonyms . These words mean spending money too much. In the similar way Frugal and Miser are Synonyms which mean being economical in spending money. 
Ans. 7. e. Miser 
Q. 8. Cattle : Herd : : Flowers : ?
8. a. Bouquet b. Fragrance c. Beautiful d. Temporary e. None of these
Explanation - Group of Cattle is called Herd , similarly Group of Flowers is called Bouquet.
Ans. 8. a. Bouquet 
Q. 9. Needle : Sew ::  Knife :  ?
9 . a. Thrash b. Beat c. Crime d. Cut e. None of these
Explanation - The function of Needle is to sew , similarly the function of knife is to cut.
Ans. 9. d. Cut 
10. Dog : Kennel :: Pig : ?
10. a. Shed b. Den c. Sty d. Aviary e. Stable
Explanation - House of Dog is called Kennel , similarly house of Pig is called Sty.
Ans. 10. c. Sty 
11. Scribble:Write :Stammer:?
a.Swim b. Walk c.Jump d. Speak
Explanation -  Scribble means writing carelessly whereas stammer means speaking with difficulty. 
Ans. 11. d. Speak
12. Car:Garage :: Aeroplane:?
a. Hangar b. Depot c. Harbour d. Port
Explanation - Car is parked in Garage and in the same way Aeroplane is parked in Hangar.
Ans. 12. a. Hangar
13. Conference: Chairman : Newspaper : ?
a. Printer b. Reporter c.Editor d. Hawker
Explanation - Conference is headed by Chairman and in the similar way Newspaper is headed by Editor.
Ans. 13. c. Editor 
14. 3:11: 7: ?
a. 32 b. 36 c. 28 d. 51 
Explanation - Three Square plus two is equal to 11. In the similar way seven square plus two is 51.
Ans. 14. d. 51
15. Savage : Civilized 
a. Wild:Animal b. Dark: Lighted c. Illiterate : Book d. Brutal : Heroic 
Explanation - Antonym of Savage is Civilized and in the similar way antonym of Dark is Lighted.
Ans. 15. b. Dark: Lighted
16.Vigilant : Alert : Viable : ?
a. Feasible b. Useful c. Hopeless d. Active 
Explanation : Synonym of Vigilant is Alert and in the similar way synonym of Viable is Feasible
Ans. 16. a. Feasible
17. Anaemia : Blood : Anarchy : ?
a. Monarchy b. Lawlessness c. Government d. Disorder 
Explanation - Anaemia is due to lack of blood in human body and in the similar way Anarchy is lack of Government in any country or State.
Ans. 17. c. Government
18. Wish: Desire : Error : ?
a. Kindle b. Rejoice c. Illusion d. Blunder 
Explanation - Desire is higher intensity of Wish and in the similar way Blunder is higher intensity of Error .
Ans. 18. d. Blunder
18. Exercise : Gymnasium : Skating : ?
a. Court b. Arena c. Track d. Ring
Explanation - The place where we exercise is called Gymnasium and in the similar way Skating is done in Ring.
Ans. 18. d. Ring 
19. Surgeon : Scalpel : Mason : ?
a. Plumbline b. Harrow c. Chisel d. Saw 
Explanation - Scalpel is a tool used by Surgeon and in the similar way Plumbline is a tool used by Mason.
Ans. 19. a. Plumbline
20. Bicycle : Pedal : Fan : ?
a. Steering b.Blade c. Needle d. Airconditioner
Explanation - Pedal is part of Bicycle and in the similar way Blade is part of Fan.
Ans. 20. b. Blade


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