Some important words for different competitive exams."Words often confused & misused."

1. Accept - to approve of, to receive a thing.
Except      -  not including, set apart, excluding.
2. Expect - hope,suppose,wait for.
   Suspect - have an idea or feeling about.
3. Adopt    - take into one's family as a son or daughter, accept a report.
  Adept     - proficient 
  Adapt.      - to change accordingly.
4. Allude    - refer to, mention
     Elude.    - to escape.
5. Alternate - one after another.
     Alternative - substitute, available instead.
6. Amoral - having no moral sense.
     Immoral - not confirming to moral standards.
7. Amend - to improve.
     Emend - to remove the mistakes .
8. Apposite - proper.
    Opposite - contrary,in front of.
9. Affect.     - to influence.
     Effect      - result .
10. Advice.  - an opinion.
       Advise   - to offer an opinion.


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