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Direction : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words / phrases in the passage are marked to help you to locate them while answering the questions.
 The job of the editorial cartoonist has changed considerably since the advent of social media. The editorial cartoon used to be placed on a pedestal; this is no longer the case.
With the advent of 24 x7 news channels, access to breaking news stopped being the privilege of the newsroom. Since an editorial cartoonist's job is to observe and comment through the comic medium, the exclusivity of observation was the first loss.
What they still retained, however,was the space for response, the hollowed 1 political cartoons did not evolve to the video format beyond the occasional Gustakhi Maaf ( a TV program with puppets). The cartoon space of important newspapers could inform readers what political news was 'trending' the previous day. Cartoons began to be shared via email and became 'viral' in the email era. All these changes only served to the cartoonist's space sacrosanct 2 .
                    But social media changed all that. Today everybody has a space to respond. And there is no exclusivity of observation whatsoever. At times, a child sitting in his bed-room can access expert opinions of distinguished journalists more quickly than an editorial cartoonist can while sitting in a newsroom. He can also respond to it without being bound by the necessary drawing skills. In other words with the creation of memes,the cartoonist's life has changed forever.

Q.1. What is the synonym of the marked word 'sacrosanct' 
A. Blessed
B. Irreverent
C. Secular
D. Blasphemous
Q.2. What is ' Gustakhi Maaf' ?
A. A joke
B. A parody
C. A song
D. A Tv programme
Q.3. How are cartoons shared ?
A. By Instagram
B. By Facebook
C. By Twitter
D. By Email
Q.4. What can a child do ?
A.Play a video game.
B. Watch a movie.
C. Join a discussion
D. Can access expert opinions. 
Q. 5. How is cartoonist's life changed ?
A. With the creation of memes.
B. With the creation of his own art.
C. With the creation of political cartoons.
D. With the creation of social media logo.
Directions: In each of the following questions, find out which part of the sentence has an error. If there is no mistake, the answer is ,No errors.
Q.6. Her parents doesn't a/ approve b/ of his business c/ no errors d/.
Q.7. She being a blind woman a/ day and night made b/ a little difference to her c/ no errors d/.
Q.8. Katrina Kaif is having a huge b/ fan following c/ no errors d/.
Q.9. He is hearing a/someone b/ at the door c/ no errors d/.
Q.10. One of his firmest belief a/  is that b/ nothing can substitute hard work c/ no errors d/.
Directions: In each of the following questions, out of the four alternatives choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/ phrases. 

Q.11. A person who kills somebody for political or religious reasons.
A. Murder
B. Assassin
C. Kill
D. Shoot out
Q.12. Things taken by robbers.
A. Booty
B. Gift
C. Snatched
D. Alimony
Q.13. A funeral procession.
A. Graveyard
B. Cortege
C. Mob
D. Horse
Q.14. A person who goes to another country to live.
A. Emigrant
B. Immigrant
C. Emissary
D. Emeritus
Q.15. Belief that all people are equal and have the same rights and opportunities.
A. Egalitarianism
B. Communism
C. Socialism
D. Euphemism
Directions: In each of the following questions, an idiomatic expression/ a proverb has been given,followed by some alternative. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given idioms/ proverbs.
Q.16. The alpha and omega
A. The last
B. The first
C. The first and the last
D. In between
Q.17. Draw the long bow.
A. Praise
B. Exaggerate
C. Back bite
D. Hymns
Q.18. For good and all
A. For ever
B. For never
C. For sometime
D. For a moment
Q.19. At the sharp end.
A. In the position of great difficulty
B. In the position of happiness
C. In the position of dire need.
D. In the position of doubtfulness
Q.20.: Cock sure
A. Uncertain
B. Very sure and certain
C. Doubtful
D. Fickleness
Direction : Rearrange these parts of sentences in the correct sequence to creat a meaningful sentence.
Q.21. Researchers
1. the signs of mental breakdown
2. in United States, Netherlands and other countries
3. and depression increased during
4. have found the recent symptoms of anxiety
Q.22. It is important
1. in order to avoid serious issues like extreme depression
2. to identify and deal with health , anxiety and stress earlier on
3. insomania, sleep disorders and headaches
4. during Covid 19 pandamic
Q.23. He says
1. the Covid 19 safety protocols
2. not forgetting
3. a wonderful experiences for him
4. it turned to be
C. 1234
Q.24. Recently over the last two-three
1. and I am sure
2. only around .2 % films were taken to FCAT
3. Years
4.this gap can be further closed
B. 2341
Q.25. The schedule
1.that I get to speak
2.is really tight
3.but the little time
4.with him
Directions: Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.
Q.26. The question of why women's participation in health ............... on the path to decision making roles............. a complex set of answers, ranging from lack of.............. women's multiple roles including unpaid work, the absence of agency to............... institutional structures, gender discrimination, sexual harassment and the............... of networks and support/mentoring structures, to name a few............ of women's leadership ..........
all of these to be addressed by enabling........... to the tools and resources-  social and political that can help ................ ................. .
A. decline
B. aggravate
C. rise
D. Go up
A. have
B. has
C. has have
D. has been
A. hopelessness
B. confidence
C. enthusiasm
D. faith
A. navigate
B. shut down
C. reveal
D. customize
A. abundance
B. dearth
C. superfluous
D. plenty
A. promotion
B. downgrade
D. go down
B. requires
D. lose
A. availability
B. access
D. fall
Directions: In each of the following questions,a sentence has been in Direct/ Indirect speech out of the four alternatives suggested select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Indirect/ Direct speech..
Q.36. Everybody says, "How well she dances ! "
A. Everybody tells that she danced very well.
B. Everybody says that she danced well.
C. Everybody says how well she dances.
D. Everybody says that she dances well.
Q.37. She said to me , " while I was dancing, he was singing."
A. She told me that while she was dancing,he was singing.
B.She told that while she was dancing, he was singing.
C. She told to me that while she was dancing, he was singing.
D. She told me that while she dances,he was singing.
Q.38.She said to Geeta, " How do you not know me.?"
A. She asked Geeta how she does not know her.
B. She asked Geeta how she did not know her
C. She asked her how she did not know her.
D. She asked her how did she not know her.
Q.39. You said, " May you live long."
A.You prayed that my life may be long.
B. You prayed that may I live long.
C. You prayed that my life might be long.
D.You prayed that my life may be long.
Q.40. Nitin said," Can you lend me a thousand rupees." I said, " yes"
A. Nitin asked me to lend him a thousand rupees, I said yes.
B. Nitin said to me to lend him a thousand rupees I said yes.
C. Nitin asked me to lend him a thousand rupees I said yes.
D. Nitin asked me if I could lend him a thousand rupees and I said that I could.
Directions: In each of the following questions,a sentence has been given in Active or Passive Voice. Out of the four alternatives suggested choose the one which best expresses the same sentence in Passive or Active Voice.
Q.41. What can you do ?
A.What can be done by you ?
B. What you can do ?   
C. What can be done by you ?
D. What can be done by me?  
Q.42. Rain disrupted the final cricket match between England and Australia.
A. The final cricket match between England and Australia was disrupted by rain.
B. The final cricket match  between  England and Australia was being disrupted.
C. The final cricket match between England and Australia was to be disrupted by rain.
D. The final match between England and Australia has been disrupted.
43. He was struck on the head by a stone.
A. A stone has struck him on the head.
B . A stone has been struck on his head.
C. A stone struck him on the head.
D. A stone struck him the head.
Q.44. People claim to have seen the thief in the street.
A. The thief is claimed to be seen in the street.
B. The thief claimed to be seen in the street.
C. The thief is seen to be claimed in the street.
D. The thief is claimed to have been seen in the street.
Q45. I remember my sister taking me to the school.
A. I remember to be taken to school by my sister.
B. I remember remember my school to be taken by  my sister.
C. I remember being taken to the school by my sister.
Directions: Each of the following questions has a blank space and four words given after the sentence. Select the word considered to be most appropriate for the blank space.
Q.46. India has ................ nearly 8 crore vaccine dose.
A. provided
B. taken
C. administered
D. vaccinated
Q.47. The initial logic of .............. senior citizens first and then over - 45s made a lot of sense.
A. giving
B. taking
C. Providing
D. allowing
Q.48. A diplomatic ............dubbed' sofagate' has escalated this week.
A .fortuitous
B. fortune
C. mishap 
D. dismay 
Q.49. Without a firm .............. of Geography,  our understanding of geopolitics also seems to elude American policy.
A. grasp
B. knowledge
C. wisdom
D . ignorance
Q.50.  When we are young ,we have..................tough competition in studies and work hard to achieve our goals. 
A. to take
B. to gain
C. to face
D. to calculate 

1. A
2. D
3. D
4. D
5. A
6. A
7. B
8. A
9. A
10. A
11. B
12. A
13. B
14. A
15. A
16. D
17. B
18. A
19. A
20. B
21. A
22. B
23. B
24. C
25. D
26. A
27. B
28. B
29. A
30. B
31. A
32. B
33. B
34. B
35. A
36. D
37. A
38. B
39. C
40. D
41. A
42. A
43. C
44. D
45. C
46. C 
47. D
48. C
49. A
50. C
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