ODD ONE OUT (Classification), Reasoning for SSC Bank Railway DSSSB MCA MBA CLAT BBA HM BEd PRT TGT PGT Airforce Navy General competitions . Compiled by NM Mishra @ Brilliant Academy of Learning (9891726652)

In the chapter Odd one out (Classification) you have to select that option as your answer which is different from others in certain way. That means except your answer option ,other options are alike in certain way.
1. a. January b. May c. December d. September
Explanation - Here September is of 30 days and others are of 31 days.
Ans 1. d. September
2. a. Iron b.Silver c.Copper d. Bronze e. Aluminum
Explanation - All except Bronze are metals . Bronze is an alloy of Copper and Tin.
Ans. 2. d. Bronze
3. a.Carrot b.Ginger c. Onion d. Potato
Explanation - Carrot is a root where as other options are modified Stems.
Ans.3. a. Carrot 
4. a. Crow b. Pigeon c. Bat d.Sparrow
Explanation - Bat is a Mammal while others are Birds .
And. 4. c. Bat 
5. a. Cow :Calf b. Tiger : Cub c. Tortoise : Turtle d.Dog : Bitch 
Explanation - The feminine of Dog is bitch . In other options second one is young ones of First.
Ans. 5. d. Bitch 
6. a. Nepal: Kathmandu b. Australia : Sydney c. Denmark : Copenhagen d. Netherlands : Amsterdam
Explanation - In all options except b , second one is capital of First . Sydney is large city of Australia but it's capital is Canberra.
Ans. 6.b. Australia: Sydney
7. a. 853 b. 945 c. 624 d. 753
Explanation - In all options except d , the difference between first and third digits is middle one. 
Ans. 7. d. 753 
8. a. 676 b. 529 c. 2401 d. 4225 e. 1728 
Explanation - All except option e , are Squares where as 1728 is cube of 12.
Ans. 8. e. 1728 
9. a. 27 b. 512 c. 3375 d. 15625 e. 7225
Explanation - All except option e , are Cubes where as option e is square of 85.
Ans.9. e. 7225
10. a. 8- 42 b. 11 - 132 c. 14: 168 d. 17: 187 
Explanation -  In all options except a , second one is multiple of first.
Ans.10. a. 8 - 42
11. a. 35:40 b. 108:186 c. 56:64 d. 63:72
Explanation - In all other options except b, the ratio between first and second is 7:8 .
Ans 11. b. 108: 186
12. a. 5: 22 b. 7: 30 c. 8: 42 d.9: 38
Explanation - In all options second is formed by multiplying 4 into first and then adding 2 except option C.
Ans. 12. C. 8 - 42 
13 . a. 144- 90 b. 102-48 c.92:40 d. 73 - 32
Explanation - Option D is co-prime where as in all other options there is some common factor.
Ans. 13. d. 73 - 32 
14.a. Karnataka b. Goa c. Andhra Pradesh d. Maharashtra
Explanation - Andhra Pradesh is situated on Eastern Coast (Bay of Bengal) where as all other options are on Western Coast (Arabian Sea).
Ans. 14.c.
15.a.Education b. Communalism c. Ignorance d. Pronunciation e. Significant 
Explanation - Option e is Adjective . All other options are Abstract Noun. 
Ans. 15. e. Significant
16.a. Heart b. Spade c. Diamond d. Club e. Bridge 
Explanation - Bridge is a game of Cards where as all other options are different types of Cards.
Ans. 16. e. Bridge
17. a. King b. Queen c. Knight d. Minister e. Bishop
Explanation - Except Minister, all other options are characters in game of Chess.
Ans.17. d. Minister
18. a. Pound b. Dollar c. Yen d. Duma e. Taka 
Explanation - Duma is parliament of Russia. Other options are currencies. Pound, Dollar,Yen & Taka are respectively currencies of Great Britain, USA, Japan and Bangladesh.
Ans. 18. d. Duma
19. a. Knesset b. Shora c. Folketing d. Diet e. Rouble
Explanation - Rouble is currency of Russia . All other options are parliaments. Knesset, Shora, Folketing,Diet are respectively parliaments of Israel, Afghanistan, Denmark & Japan.
Ans. 19.e. Rouble
20. a. Ahmedabad b. Mumbai c. Vishakapatnam d. Tuticorin e. Cochin 
Explanation - Mumbai, Vishakapatnam, Tuticorin and Cochin are International Sea Ports of India. Ahmedabad is a major city of Gujarat but not a Sea Port.
Ans. 20. a. Ahmedabad


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