#What type of Questions are asked in SSB of NDA & CDS ? How should they be answered ?#

Question: Sir please tell me way to improve my ability to influence others in the group during SSB?
Answer: In order to be able to influence others in any random group of people, you will have to be a charismatic person, who is down to earth with a magnetic charm and most importantly, is sensitive to the feelings of others.
This is one of the major factors that will see you becoming successful during the SSB. If the group finds you interesting, energetic, jovial, sensitive towards them and above all knowledgeable, you will automatically start looking like an effective person in that group.
It should be an ongoing endeavour on your part to convert this random group of individuals into a well knitted team. For which, you will have to be communicative, honest, forthright and encouraging to win their trust. Spend a lot of time together after each day’s testing process is over.
If you are able to strike an interesting conservation as a routine, about topics of common interest and are able to discuss relevant issues rather than merely discussing people, you will be a sought after person.
Be interesting, witty, fun loving with tremendous zeal for life and maintain a good sense of humour, people do not like to hear sob stories, nor do they like to interact with zombies .
Now, to acquire these qualities, it must be your ongoing endeavour to continuously work towards improving your knowledge base, public speaking skills, social graces and being conscious about understanding the feelings of others. 
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