#Why do you want to join Defence Forces ?#

Question: Sir, what should be the best answer for the question, why do you want to join the defence forces?

Answer: This question often asked during your SSB that, “why do you want to join the Defence Forces?” is a means to evaluate the degree of your motivation for joining the forces. To be honest, the assessors are highly averse to candidates who are merely “job seekers”, and who otherwise have no passion for joining the forces.
Naturally, the answer to this question should come from the innermost recesses of your heart. Please do not ask others' for their opinion on this question, otherwise it will lack spontaneity and appear to be a coached response.
Since this is a likely question that you may be asked during your SSB, it will be prudent to prepare an answer that is genuine from your point of view and sounds authentic.
Therefore, to look for the answer to this question, you must ‘search your heart’ and also ‘surf the internet’ to know what is the “work content” in the field that you are aspiring to joining, and also, as to how you will be able to contribute to the forces with your acquired skill set.
Do not give a stereotype answer like “I want to serve the nation", as you can serve the nation by being a doctor, lawyer, engineer or for that matter even a dedicated " Safaiwala".
Saying that you want to “die for the nation" is a highly pessimistic answer. I would say, it almost reflects a suicidal thought process. Forces do not spend money and effort on your training so that you die for the nation, but to ensure that "you make the enemy die for his nation".
Again, to say that you want to join the forces to “fight or finish terrorism “, is a loud, bookish, childish and almost a 'filmy' statement.
Another most ludicrous response that I saw on the fb was that “I want to earn a Param Vir Chakra”, this response will depict a highly self oriented, reward seeking personality. A soldier never “aims” for PVC, but it is the consequence or a by-product of his onerous deeds in battle that is recognised by the nation.
Please always measure your words before commenting. The sample answer given below may be used as a base to form your own response.

Sample Answer: “Sir, I am a sportsperson and I would like to lead an active life, rather than being desk borne. I always like to travel and see new places and meet new people. Armed forces give amply opportunities to pursue sports and adventure activities. (For a technical candidate, it could be the opportunities to pursue and expand knowledge in his/ her technical field). Further sir, I feel charmed by the glamour of the uniform and deeply respect the disciplined lifestyle attached with the uniform. (Someone can give the example of father or uncle or some other serving person who inspires you to join). It is perhaps one of the most dignified ways to lead the life and serve the nation with utmost pride and honour. Armed forces provides a very secure environment and is a very closely knit family which offers abundant support system from the organisation and lastly the emoluments and status attached with serving in the defence forces is immeasurable. Finally sir, I firmly believe that "Armed Forces, is not a Job, but it is a Way of Life", and I earnestly wish to integrate with it".

However, when I hear some of the reasons about why you want to join the forces, it makes me wonder how many of you are living ‘this’ dream like “Alice in Wonderland”.
The real life in the forces is not a piece of cake. While it is fun to fantasize sitting in a comfortable AC room on fb, to earn PVC and use jazzy words to describe your desire to wear the uniform, you must have a reality check of whether you are willing to live up to the stakes of this very hard, sometimes torturous and murky life. The reason why I am saying this is because a lot of cadets run away from the academy during training itself and a large numbers serve the forces throughout their service life grudgingly.
I must caution you before reality hits you in the face.......when you have to march without cribbing on empty stomach for days and live off the land in counter insurgency operations, when the physical absence of your dear ones for months will ache your heart, when the unjustified kick on your butt from a senior will make you feel belittled, when sometimes eating rotten rations sitting on a post in the middle of nowhere (gets winter stocked) will make you sick, when jungle bashing for days together will make your entire body infested with cattle fleas, when to see a glowing bulb and water flowing from a tap will become a luxury, when sitting in an ambush or participating in long exercises in freezing winters give your fingers chilblains and frost bites, when night patrolling on treacherous hill tracks without light will send you tumbling down a steep gorge, when you get injured and find no one to “mother” you, when you will feel weak within but will have to put up a bold front before your troops, when “professional commitment” will take precedence over the most important social function in your family............the list of rigours of defence life is endless...........you will wonder what made you choose this profession.........unless “you had it in you”!!!!
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