# Expected questions for forthcoming Competitive examinations (By NM Mishra on the behalf of Brilliant Academy of Learning. Written on 25th April 2020#

1. Density of water is maximum at 4 degree centigrade.
2. At  - 40 degree centigrade , centigrade scale and Farenheit scale gives equal reading.
3. Xylem Tissue transports water and minerals in different parts of plant.
4. Rings in trees help us in knowing age of trees.
5. There are 4 blood groups O ,A ,B , AB . O is universal doner. AB is universal acceptor. Blood groups was invented by Karl Landsteiner. Theory of Circulation of Blood was propounded by William Harvey. The main function of RBC(Red Blood Corpuscles) is to transport oxygen in human body. WBC(White Blood Corpuscles) are the soldiers of human body. They fight against external organisms trying to enter human body.
 Study of Blood is called Haematology.
6. Cell is structural and functional unit of life. Cell was invented by Robert Hook. Study of Cells is called Cytology. Group of cells is called Tissues. Study of Tissues is called Histology. Largest cell is  egg of Ostrich.
7. The gas which leaked in Bhopal Gas Disaster is Methyl Iso cynate.
8. The chemical name of Vitamin A is Retinol. Deficiency of Vitamin A causes Night Blindness. Carrot is good source of Vitamin A.
9. The chemical name of Vitamin B1 is Thymin; Vitamin B2 is Riboflavin; Vitamin B12 is Cynocobalmin. Deficiency of Vitamin B causes Beri Beri .Lack of vitamin B12 causes Anemia. 
10. The chemical name of Vitamin C is Ascorbic acid. Deficiency of Vitamin C causes Scurvy. Citrus fruits like Awla,Tomato,Orange,Lemon etc.  are source of Vitamin C.
11. The chemical name of Vitamin D is Calciferol. Deficiency of Vitamin D causes Rickets. Sunlight is great source of Vitamin D.
12. The chemical name of Vitamin E is Tochoferol. Deficiency of Vitamin E causes Skin disease and Impotency.
13. The chemical name of Vitamin K is Philoquinone. Deficiency of Vitamin K stops clotting of Blood.
14. Deficiency of Iodine causes Goitre.
15. Deficiency of Iron causes Anemia.
16. Deficiency of Calcium and Phosphorus  weakens bones and teeth.
17. Due to deficiency of Protein diseases like Kwashiorkor and Marasmus  occurs.
18. Mitochondria is called Power House of Human Body.
19. Lysosome is called Suicide bag.
20. Rhizobium is associated with Protein Synthesis.
21. DNA (Deoxy Nucleic Acid ) is called blue print of life.


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