Important points of GK ( Written by NM Mishra on 23rd April 2020)

1. Lord Cornwallis is called father of Civil Services.
2. Lord Metcafe is called liberator of Press.
3. Lord Dalhousie is associated with Doctrine of Lapse.
4. Lord Rippon is called father of Local self Government.
5. Lord Wellesley is associated with Subsidiary Alliance.
6. Permanent Land Settlement (Zamindari system) was introduced by Lord Cornwallis in 1793.
7. Mahalbari settlement was introduced by Lord  Mackenzie.
8. Ryotwari settlement was introduced by Reed & Munroe.
9. First census in India was held in 1872 during the time of Lord Mayo. He was the only viceroy in India who was murdered while in office by a prisoner in Cellular Jail in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
10. First regular census was held in India in 1881 during the time of Lord Rippon. First Factory Act was also passed in 1881 during his time. Lord Rippon is also associated with Local self Government and Ilbert Bill. Under Ilbert Bill Indian Judges were given power to hear the cases of Europeans. Although due to resistance of Europeans he had to withdraw Ilbert Bill. Lord Rippon was the most liked viceroy.


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