Frequently asked questions with answers (25th April 2020) by NM Mishra on the behalf of Brilliant Academy of Learning

1. Andes is the longest mountain ranges in the world. Andes is situated in South America continent.
2. Amazon is the largest river in the world which is situated in South America.
3. Nile is the longest river in the world which is situated in Africa continent. Egypt is called Gift of Nile.
4. The Himalayas is the largest and highest mountain ranges in the world which is situated in Asia continent. Mount Everest (8850 metres height) is the highest peak of the world situated in Nepal. Mount Everest is called Sagar Matha in Nepal.Mount Everest is the highest peak of Himalayas followed by Kanchenjunga (Sikkim, India). Karakoram 2nd(Godwin Austen) is the 2 nd highest peak of the world which is part of Karakoram range. Karakoram 2nd is situated in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.Overall Kanchenjunga is 3rd highest peak of the world.
5. There are Seven continents in the world. They are 1. Asia 2. Africa 3. North America 4. South America 5. Europe 6. Antarctica 7. Australia . Asia is the largest continent in population and Area. Australia is the smallest continent. Antarctica is white continent (covered with Ice ) having no inhabitants. Africa is called Dark Continent.
6. There are 5 Oceans namely 1 Pacific 2  Atlantic 3 Southern Ocean 4 Indian Ocean 5 Arctic Ocean. The largest and deepest ocean is Pacific Ocean. The deepest trench of the world is Mariana Trench situated in Pacific Ocean. The deepest trench of Atlantic Ocean is Puerto Rico. The deepest trench of Indian Ocean is Java Trench. The smallest Ocean is Arctic Ocean.
7. As per descending order of Area top 11 countries of the world are 1. Russia 2. Canada 3. USA 4. China  5. Brazil 6. Australia 7. India 8. Argentina 9. Kazakhstan 10. Algeria 11. Democratic Republic of Congo
8. As per descending order of population top 11 countries of the world are 1. China 2. India 3. USA 4. Indonesia 5. Brazil 6. Pakistan 7. Nigeria 8. Bangladesh 9. Russia 10. Mexico 11. Japan
9. Area of India is 32 lac 87 thousand 263 sq km. The distance of India from North to South is 3214 km and East to West is 2933 km. Land frontier of India is 15200 km . Sea Frontier of India is 7516 km. Sea Frontier of Mainland India is 6100km . Northern most point of India is Indira Col (Pak Occupied Kashmir ); Southern most point is Indira Point (Great Nicobar Islands); Eastern most point ( Kibithu , Arunachal Pradesh); Western most point (Guhar Moti ,Rann of Kutch , Gujarat). Southern most point of Mainland India is Kanyakumari/Cape Comorin (Tamilnadu)
10. India is 2 nd in population and 7 th largest in Area in the world. India has  2.4 % of the area of the world. As per 2011 census India has population of 1.21 billion. India has nearly 17%of the world's population. Every 6th person in the world is an Indian. India lies in Northern and Eastern hemisphere of the world. India lies in continent of Asia. 


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