Important points for Competitive examinations ( Written by NM Mishra on 22nd April 2020 )

1. Golden Period of Mughal Painting was period of Jahangir.
2. Golden Period of Mughal Architecture was period of Shahjahan.
3. Samudragupta is called Napoleon of India.
4. Nalanda University was established by Gupta ruler Kumar Gupta.
5. Kautilya , prime minister and Guru of Chandragupta Maurya wrote Arthashastra.
6. Megasthenese, ambassador of Indo Greek ruler Selucos came to the court of Chandragupta Maurya and wrote Indica which is a great source to know Mauryan administration. Indica is lost now.
7. Faihan was first Chinese traveller to visit court of Gupta ruler Chandragupta 2nd(vikramaditya).
8. HuenTsang, Chinese traveller visited Nalanda University (Bihar) and also stayed in the court of Harshavardhan.
9. Harishen ,court poet of Samudragupta wrote Allahabad Inscription in which he described conquests of Samudragupta.
10. Chalukyan ruler Pulekeshin 2nd defeated Harshavardhan on the bank of Narmada. We know this from Aihole Inscription by Ravikirti.


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