# Important points of GK (Written by NM Mishra on the behalf of Brilliant Academy of Learning Pvt Ltd on 23rd April 2020)#

1. Nitrous oxide is called Laughing Gas .
2. Ethylene is used in ripening of fruits.
3. Acetylene is used in welding.
4. LPG(Liquified petroleum Gas) is mixture of ethane,butane and Propane. Although it mainly consists of normal butane and Iso butane.
5. Dry Ice is solid carbon dioxide.
6. Electric coil is made of Nichrome.
7. Filament of Electric Bulb is made of Tungsten.
8. Argon gas is filled in Electric Bulb.
9. Gobar gas consists of Methane.
10. Diamond is the hardest element and purest allotrope of carbon.


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